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Russell Brunson’s Micro-Continuity Pre-loaded MP3 Give Away!

I just finished watching a powerful 51 minute video presentation by Russell Brunson on the topic  “Micro-Continuity.” If you are like me you likely are a member of more than one continuity program, which is basically a monthly subscription to access to a members only website where you access content pertaining to a niche or specific aspect of marketing, product creation, etc.

The marketplace is very competitive and it becomes a challenge for many to afford more than a few of these programs, which on average range anywhere from $17 to $97 per month and present a tremendous value for what you receive. So what should you do if you are introducing a new program and the budgets of your potential members are already being tapped? The answer should be “Micro-Continuity.”

Russell Brunson has added a little twist to  the basic monthly continuity model by advocating for a fixed period for the program. As a result your customer can budget for program that last 1-3 months and ends instead of an open ended monthly commitment. This allows you to provide content for a fixed period of time and then close the program or cycle back through the content with a new set of customers. The Micro-Continuity program is this and so much more.

The genius of Russell’s program is that reveals a powerful new system for getting a mini-membership site up and running in less then 24 hours. There will be a tremendous amount of actionable content provided in the pre-release phase of the product release and I encourage you to sign up and watch the videos – there will be two.

The actual “Micro-Continuity” course will be delivered through 6 hours of high value content pre-loaded on an MP3 Player that Russell Brunson is giving away for free. If you enter your name and email address below I will forward you to a special page where you can watch the first video and reserve your MP3 Player if you decide that this training provides value for you.

You’ll have to watch the video to understand why (and how) Micro-Continuity works so fast…

Who Wants a Pre-Loaded MP3 Player That Teaches You How to Set-Up a Cashflowing Online Business?

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I will be conducting a series of free private training sessions for those who decide they would like to set up a Miro-Continuity program.

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  • JamesHolmes

    The Micro-Continuity model is brilliant and perfect in a marketplace crowded with forced continuity and long-term continuity programs. Thank you for sharing your comments.

  • Make Money Online Fast

    Russell’s such a smart guy and I can’t wait to see him compete in the 2012 Olympics. Can’t wait for my copy of the FREE MP3 to get to me so I can’t start dominating my competition the Russell Brunson way…