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Rosalind Gardner and Ewen Chia Public Dispute Resolved?

What’s Up with Rosalind Gardner and Ewen Chia?

I thought perhaps it was April 1st … “April Fools Day” because two of the marketers I respect most in the affiliate marketing arena where engaged in a very public dispute complete with some harmful comments from Rosalind Gardner attacking a respected fellow “Super Affiliate” Ewen Chia in a public forum (Rosalind’s blog).  I love Rosalind Gardner, I have read her book “Super Affiliate Handbook” and have recommended it as an affiliate, I still do. But, I have to admit that this one took me buy surprise because Ewen Chia was unfairly blind-sided in an unprofessional way.



We could have a long debate about auto-blogging, track-backs, blog commenting for links and many widely accepted white, gray, and black hat traffic methods. The truth is that the Internet is still the wild frontier and for as many experts that would cry fowl, you can find another with perfectly legitimate reasons for why these methods are acceptable. It is kind of like trying to tell someone “how to use social media” the correct way, no such thing exist. Now I could make some obvious recommendation of things you shouldn’t do, but fundamentally social media is an open forum and still in it’s infancy, so you get my point.

I have included the key information and links to both Rosalind’s and Ewen’s blog for you to decide for yourself the merits of this little dispute. What I wanted to comment on is a trend that I am seeing in many niches online. The arguments are not related to products or programs but rather exist among accepted “gurus” of which Rosalind and Ewen both qualify, suddenly feeling the need to assign right or wrong to the practice of Internet marketing, traffic generation, and SEO among others. The troubling part about this trend is the personal attacks.



The dynamics are in constant flux, what worked yesteday may not work tomorrow, a few big name marketers have abandoned the Internet niche in a shift to local business consulting, etc. There is a tremendous amount of change and quite frankly some nervous people. Perhpas this to shall pass, but in the meantime I hope that this serves as the low watermark and we can all get back to serving our markets in the way we believe adds the most value and fulfills our individual model at the same time.

I understand from reading Rosalind’s follow-up post that she has retracted her comments and personally apologized to Ewen Chia, which I applaud her for as it was the right thing to do. I did not want this to pass you my readers without drawing out the lessons here. It is a true teaching moment as there are topics for public comment and those best made in private. One truth about the Intenet that will likely never change, once you put something out on the web, it is almost impossible to take it back. Information travels too far and too fast for the deletion of content to wipe the slate clean.

I truly do admire and respect both Rosalind Gardner and Ewen Chia and I wish them both continued success and trust that we are all a little smarter from this episode. I would love to read your comments and would encourage you to read both the original post and apology to develop an informed opinion. Thank you for reading my blog and I invite you to come back regularly.

I am here to help you succeed and wish for you a blessed day!

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  • Joe

    I never knew about this dispute, pretty strange actually. I think I usually have a pretty good handle on whats going on!