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Robert Puddy’s Hidden Traffic Formula Video Course Review

Learn How to Master Traffic Exchanges with Robert Puddy

I am often asked where is a good place to learn exactly how to use traffic exchanges efficiently and how to track results. Robert Puddy has created a phenomenal no non-sense traffic training course by Internet Marketer Robert Puddy, the course is titled “Hidden Traffic Formula” and is presented in a 7  videos and 5 downloadable manuals. The home study course has been completely sold out, but you can still access 100% of the content in digital format and instant download.

I am sharing this site as a valuable resource for anyone who would like to learn how to use one of the best free or low cost methods of advertising online. Robert has a very straight forward approach to teaching and he is considered by may successful marketer to be “the mentors, mentor.” In this video series you will learn the mindset, hidden resources, and exact tactics used by Robert, other top marketers, and me – to create unstoppable traffic.

Here is an overview of the Videos Series:

Video # 1. Anatomy of a Splash Page

Video #2. Knowing Your Audience

Video #3. The Journey Begins

Video #4. Monetisation

Video #5. Keeping On Track

Video #6. On The Trail

Video #7. Dominating Traffic Exchanges

Here is an overview of the Manuals (Workbooks):

Manual # 1. The Lost World – What difference would it make to your online business efforts, if you could live in a world of steady and voluminous traffic, made up of targeted and curious customers? I am betting life would be outstanding.

Introduction, The history, Evolution, Heroes and Villains, Myths, 16 Week Action Plan, Commitment, Quiz

Manual # 2. The Training Begins – Learning from your mistakes is one way to go but… it’s a whole lot quicker and a lot less painful to learn from the experience of others instead.

Preparation, Backward Thinking, Audience, No Selling, Make a Splash, The Big Squeeze, Best of the Best, The Journey, Quiz

Manual # 3. On the Trail – Some, that successfully travel to The Lost World, express surprise that so many others have tried and failed to complete the journey. The path, once discovered is clear enough to follow and the expedition is generally shorter than expected.

Straight and Narrow, Best Traffic Exchange Is, Traffic Exchange Spotting, Making Money, On The Right Path, Traffic Exchange Training, Quiz

Manual # 4. Hidden DepthsBy planning and creating a well-designed campaign, you are already light-years ahead of most of your competition. Coupled with a basic understanding of the Hidden Traffic systems themselves, you have a solid foundation for driving traffic and generating traffic.

Moving On, Traffic Exchange Lingo, Surfing For Life, Life-Time Value, Pound Foolish, Conceits, Order of Magnitude, Work Less – Earn More, The Rest, Quiz

Manual # 5. Black Hat – The final book in this course is going to teach you how to use your Hidden Traffic strategies to cheat, steal and break the law. Not so that you can amass ill-gotten wealth, but rather to allow you to protect yourself against those that delight in taking advantage of the naive and inexperienced.

Don’t Even Think About It, Evil Surfers, Down-line Deceit, The Execrable Exchange, Adsense Nonsense, Petty Theft, Pay Pal Sucks (not really), Amateur Hour, Quiz


“I didn’t meet Robert until October 2006. I have a feeling if I had met him earlier, I’d had been working a lot less a long time ago. There are very few people in IM that have really taught me and changed my business, and Robert is one of those few.” - Liz Tomey

Effective use of traffic systems is the cornerstone for your success online. Quit frankly, this course is a bit of a best kept secret and I was thrilled that Robert shared it with me, so I could share it with you. Be sure to watch the videos carefully and complete each quiz to ensure that you have grasped these strategies.

I am here to help you succeed and I believe this series will help you brand yourself, grow your list, and convert consistent sales all using targeted, free, and very low cost traffic.

Have a blessed day!

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P.S. Robert Puddy Endorses S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange:

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