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Traffic Exchange Crash Course

Traffic Exchange Crash Course

There are three ways to consistently drive traffic to your websites, mini-sites and blogs; you can buy it(Google Ads, Pay Per Click, Traditional Paid Advertising, etc.), you can develop it organically (social media networking, e-zine marketing, article marketing, newsletter marketing, and blogging, etc.) or you can exchange time for traffic by joining online exchanges and participating in traffic communities by agreeing to view the ads and emails of other members in exchange for the community reading yours. This is a great way to get free traffic and build your list – but that is only part of the story…. for the rest go to: Optimum Traffic Formula Module 01

I use this formula to drive traffic to my websites, blogs, lead capture pages (squeeze pages), sales letters, banner ads, hot links, solo ads and email messages all delivered SPAM free and viewed by thousands of people every day at the click of a mouse. Follow these simple steps and your messages will be flooding the Internet in a matter of days.

Important Note

Your “User Name” is the name that will appear in your affiliate link, so choose something other than your name and keep in mind that whatever you chose will appear in your referral link, so be sure to make it relevant.

These Sites are Free to Join

These sites are free to join and most of them provide a ‘Special One Time Offer’ to upgrade your membership allowing you to advertise more often and to more list members; I recommend sticking with the Free Account in most cases until you have measured your results for each Safe List and Solo Ad account. Then upgrade the accounts that are delivering consistent results.

Consider reinvesting a small portion of a sales commission that you receive from a specific account back into that membership in order to leverage your results.

Sign up for each of these FREE Surf Traffic Exchange Sites using the following links

*Click on the hyperlink first. Only click on the list name if the hyperlink does not work.

**Be sure to carefully review my ‘Surfing Power Hour’ strategy noted at the end of this section.

There are three ways to successfully market using traffic exchanges as follows:


What is a Traffic Exchange?

Traffic exchanges are membership website where the membership community displays their individual web pages to market products, services or to build their list. In addition to marketing to the other members, you also view the web sites of the other members of the community – hence the meaning behind traffic exchange.

Option 1: Surf for Hits

When I first began using traffic exchanges I exclusively surfed for hits to my website and affiliate offers. Although this was very time consuming, the method I used (as explained later in this report) allowed me to surf passively and although surfing for hits is not ideal, it can help you drive traffic by exchanging time in place of money – this is ideal if your budget is zero!

Option 2: Purchase Hits

My big break through to earning consistent income with traffic derived from traffic exchanges came when I started selectively paying for hits. Not all traffic exchanges are created equally and they certainly all do not produce results, some exchanges have a more responsive membership than others and learning which sites to invest your time and money is one of the keys to having success with this pillar of marketing.

There are two primary ways to pay for hits though the exchanges I recommend. First, you can purchase a monthly or annual subscription that entitles you to a fixed number of hits per month within a package that includes banner impressions and text ads as part of your subscription. This is among the least expensive traffic you can buy and although the hit to conversion rates are not on the level of pay per click, the ROI is more than acceptable and I recommend doing this on a limited number of sites.

The second option is to purchase a package of hits as a free member of the site. For example a recent example from Jet Stream Traffic provided 10,000 hits, 10000 banner impressions and 10,000 text ads for $33 with a one-time payment, no subscription. Obviously a fantastic deal and very inexpensive traffic especially if you can create opt in subscribers and multiple sales daily.

Option 3: Combine Surfing and Purchasing for Credits

Combining surfing and selectively purchasing credits is the method that will allow you to maximize traffic exchanges and create consistent traffic inexpensively. My recommendation is to select 1-3 exchanges that you like and accept the special offer upon signing up or upgrade your account from your members back office as soon as feasible . Then you will be able to obtain a guaranteed number of hits from those sites without investing the time surfing there.

I would then utilize the remaining sites that you have joined as a free member and follow my ‘Surfing Power Hour’ method as described to semi-passively surf for credits. This will provide you with an optimum experience and further leverage your traffic generation through the exchanges.

Surfing Power Hour: A Method to Increase Your Surfing Effectiveness

This is a daily practice design to add thousand of credits to your traffic exchange accounts every month and it works like a charm every time. Complete the follow steps once you have signed up for each traffic exchange account.

  1. Open a brand window in your web-browser
  2. Open a new tab for ten traffic exchange sites and log in to each account (be sure to select yes for your browser to remember your user name and password
  3. Bookmark ‘All Tabs’ so that you can return to this set of tabs each day to surf – pick a name for the bookmark group like ‘Power Hour 1’ then repeat this process with a second set of ten sites – this way you include each of the 20 sites listed in you ‘Affiliate Funnel.’ Bookmark this set of tabs by labeling them ‘Power Hour 2’
  4. Be sure to prioritize these sites in the same order as in your Affiliate Funnel because those are set an order of rank.
  5. Frequently, (I recommend once per day) open the first set of tabs bookmarked ‘Power Hour 1’ and for thirty minutes surf through the each site, tab to tab cycling through confirming each site by selecting the appropriate icon and moving on to the next site. Once you have surfed repeatedly through the first set of tabs, simply repeat the process for the second set. At the end of your hour you will have added massive amounts of credits to all twenty accounts and your pages will continue to be seen throughout the month.

Credits are awarded when the presenting websites appear on your browser for a prescribed period of time typically 5-10 seconds (this varies by traffic site guidelines). Once the website has been displayed for the prescribed period of time you are awarded points. You must take an action such as clicking on a specified color or matching a small icon located at the top or bottom of the search frame (this also varies by site). Once you take the required action your account is credited and those credits convert to exposures for you websites and links on the traffic system.

Massive amounts of traffic can be generated by surfing one hour EVERY DAY opening both bookmarked windows and simply rotating through the tabs in sequence. Start at first tab and click through each 1-10 returning to the first tab and repeating the process.

**Please note that the “Terms of Service” which govern most traffic exchange websites prohibit “gaming the system,” which is not endorsed by me or my Optimum Traffic Formula.

This system works and it is free! Use this to drive traffic to your websites every day, measure your results and make adjustments as needed. Be sure to promote your affiliate links for each site so that you consistently earn bonus credits and in many cases affiliate commissions for referring others to your chosen traffic websites. This is a powerful system that will help you build your business.

If you apply this formula consistently for the next twelve months, I am certain that you will grow a large opt in list, create numerous sales, experience a high return on your investment money and most importantly your time.

Note: There are twenty sites featured in Affiliate Funnel. A few of the sites listed here are not shown in Affiliate Funnel and I will note this in the description of those sites. I am featuring ten sites here, but strongly recommend that you join these sites in addition to those in Affiliate Funnel.

Myth Busted #2 “You have to spend all day surfing on Traffic Exchanges to get hits.”

A few final thoughts about Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are simply optional pillars of marketing, you should use a number of diverse methods (pillars) to drive traffic to your websites, sales letters and opt in pages. There is no silver bullet when it comes to Internet marketing and creating multiple streams of income.

By design these methods are very cost effective and highly measurable if applied using the tools recommended in this special report. Follow this system step by step, invest the comparatively small amount of money to gain access to the tools that you will need and upgrade your membership in the sites as recommended.

S.W.A.T. Traffic (I Recommend the Captain Membership)

I am the owner of S.W.A.T. Traffic it’s sister site to ‘I Love Hits’ as both were owned by Jon Olson, a veteran of nearly a decade marketing through traffic exchanges. I fell in love with S.W.A.T. Traffic and was able to acquire the site from Jon in September 2010.

Pros – This is another uncomplicated site at offer a number high value tools including tutorials, tell a friend script and a members forum. This is a high quality membership site that is fairly new on the scene, so you might have a bit of an advantage if growing a down-line of S.W.A.T. Traffic referral sign ups is important to you.

Cons – This site has all of the bases covered and I have found no negatives with my upgraded membership.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: S.W.A.T. Traffic: S.W.A.T. Traffic

StartXchange (I Recommend the Platinum Upgrade Membership)

StartXchange is owned by Tim Linden the owner of TE Toolbox and I have to say that he has created a very affective traffic getting exchange. This exchange holds my top recommendation.

Pros – The one time offer is a screaming good deal and the site boast more than 68,000 members and enjoys more than 250,000 page views per day. Platinum members get a 1:1 surfing ration, 500 hits and 30,000 banner impressions per month, also 20% commissions when their referrals upgrade to a paid membership.

Cons – There are no negatives here – I have tried to uncover one but none exist!

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Get StartXchange

Easy Hits 4U (I Recommend the Premium Upgrade Membership)

This is the king of traffic exchanges according to many of the ranking site including Affiliate Funnel – you will note that it is ranked #1 there. They have a regular monthly Premium Membership that is on par with many one- time offer promotions. This is one of only four sites that I am currently recommending that you sign up for a upgraded membership.

Pros – Great low cost upgraded membership level, six level down-line for referral commission payments (great passive income), a unique link directory for your sites and a ton more. I like the members back office navigation and the splash page rotator and among the most extensive promo tools library to help you make referral sales.

Cons – None!

Click Here to Learn More and Join: EasyHits4U

Jet Stream Traffic (I Recommend the Club Level Upgrade)

Marc Eglon is the creator of Jet Stream Traffic and he has built a very clean, high value traffic exchange in a short period of time. Marc is constantly adding features and cross promotions with other exchange owners to benefit the members of Jet Stream Traffic.

Pros – Very clean user interface and back office, free site rotator, down-line builder, new down-line mailer, weekly bonuses and contest. This site is constantly evolving and improving and is easily a top pick in my opinion.

Cons – This is a newer site and may not have the sheer number of members (yet) as some of the other sites listed in this report. Other than that there is nothing that diminishes the value of Jet Stream Traffic.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Jet Stream Traffic

After you have joined Jet Stream Traffic visit this link for a special package: Jet Stream Bonus

Tezak Traffic Power (I Recommend the Teezer Membership)

Tezak Traffic Power is a new exchange that has exploded onto the scene because of numerous new and dynamic features. Because I have not had an opportunity to test this site for measured conversions, I am not yet recommending that you upgrade – this will likely change. Tezak has everything you would expect of a top traffic exchange.

Pros – This is a brand new script like nothing you have ever seen before. Here are a few of the features; a new and unique surf bar with the valuable bonuses, a Winners Module that issues prizes on a consistent basis, eleven specific methods to drive traffic to your sites. ** I have upgraded (not my membership) but as a monthly subscriber to their list ad system designed specifically to grow your list on auto pilot. When you sign up you will receive a special $11.97 offer for 20,000 ad credits, which is a deal too good to pass up.

Cons – Too soon to tell, so far I love this site.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Tezak Traffic Power

List Surfing (I Recommend the Pro Upgrade Membership)

This site is owned by Darren Olander and is among a collection of sites he owns of which I am an active or upgraded member – I have recommended a few of his sites in this report. This site features a unique twist on the traffic exchange credit model. Instead of having a limited number of site impressions every membership level (including free) receives ‘unlimited’ site rotation. Free members get one site and upgraded members are allowed to add additional sites.

Pros – A totally new concept from what I have experienced in my time marketing through traffic exchanges. You must surf a specified number of sites each thirty day period to remain active, which is good for the integrity of the community. The site features a down-line builder, start pages and a number of additional features. This is a winner and if you join be sure to complete 100% of the set-up to maximize this website.

Cons – None!

Click Here to Learn More and Join: List Surfing

Traffic-Splash (I Recommend the Monthly Membership)

This is a favorite among many top surfers and traffic exchange owners. This is a top ranked site in Affiliate Funnel and it should be among the sites that you use in your ‘Power Hour

Pros – High value special offers to purchase hits outside of a monthly subscription, so if you are running a special promotion this site will come in handy!

Cons – No complaints this is a very solid site.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Traffic-Splash

I Love Hits (I Recommend the Free Membership)

I Love Hits and it’s sister site ‘S.W.A.T. Traffic’ are both owned by Jon Olson, a veteran of nearly a decade marketing through traffic exchanges.

Pro – This is another uncomplicated site that offers a number high value tools including tutorials, tell a friend script and a members forum. This is a high quality membership site that has boast over 70,000 members.

Cons – This site has all of the bases covered and I have found no negatives with my upgraded membership.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: I Love Hits

After you have joined visit this link for a special gift: The Pizza Plan

For Recommendations for other high converting traffic exchanges visit my Affiliate Funnel

Visit My Affiliate Funnel Here: Traffic Exchange Recommendations

Get Your Free Affiliate Funnel Account Here: Join Affiliate Funnel

Bonus Recommendation The Prosperity Marketing System (Take the Free Tour and Upgrade to Owner)

The Prosperity Marketing System is a Turnkey Funded Proposal to Promote ANY Business.

One of the most important lessons I have learned which transformed my experience using these methods of marketing has been what to promote and how to promote effectively through traffic exchanges and safe list . It is important that you focus both on building your list and making sales.

I strongly recommend that you use a funded proposal strategy to grow your list, add value to your subscribers, build rapport and increase sales conversions all in one action using a systematic approach. I would like to provide you with a free account to a funded proposal system that you can use to accomplish these objectives.

Claim You Free Prosperity Marketing System Membership: Prosperity Marketing System

A funded proposal system allows you to attracted and screen prospects to find qualified candidates to purchase your products or join your income opportunity. The term ‘funded proposal’ is derived from the fact that you will earn income from prospects that may not chose to make an eventual purchase in the program, product or service you are marketing – yet you will earn commissions based on them buying a valuable resource or the marketing system that you used to make your proposal (sales presentation) to them.

Not everyone will have the desire to buy what you are selling, however; anyone who is serious about making real money online needs the resources and tools to effectively promote their business. A funded proposal system can provide such a vehicle.

The Prosperity Marketing System is free to join and should you chose to purchase resale rights to the system you can do so for less than the cost of a dinner for two at a modestly priced restaurant. Consider marketing this system using your safe list and traffic exchange accounts and if you re-sell ten systems a day you will make $7,290 per month.

There are several excellent funded proposal systems on the market and more experienced marketers may decide to develop their own. However, the Prosperity Marketing System is one of the most complete and affordable systems available on the market and I would suggest signing up for a free account and experience the system for yourself.

Click Here to Learn More and Claim this Bonus recommendation:

Prosperity Marketing System

To learn more about traffic exchanges, read review, get special offers and coupon codes visit “Discover Traffic Exchanges” by clicking on the banner below.

The key to using traffic exchanges and safe-list is understanding how to use them effectively to brand yourself and build a list. When leveraged correctly traffic exchanges and safe-list are among the most effective free and low cost methods of marketing available online. By following the advice and utilizing the resources that appear on this site, you will be able to achieve lasting results.