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Recommended Resource: Definitive Twitter Resource Guide – 201 Free Twitter Tools

The “Definitive Twitter Resource Guide” is a free e-book containing 201 Twitter Tools to empower you to more effectively manage your Twitter stream, followers and those you are following. The guide has been created by Stephen Pierce, author of “Make Real Money on The Internet,” which is said to be the most powerful money making manual for the internet. You can obtain a free copy of Stephen’s book by clicking here: Make Real Money on The Internet

The “Definitive Twitter Resource Guide” is divided by catagories and includes: applications, ad networks, analytics, badges & widgets, Twitter for buiness, follow management, file sharing, finance, media, multi-account management, printing, posting & alerts, search engines, travel, trend and others.

The guide provides a very logical layout that includes hop links for each resoure highlighted and rated in the guide. I was aware of a few of the resources featued and have used a couple such as Tweet Deck; however, the vast majority of these resources were new to me as Twitter is a rapidly evolving tool to leverage social media to become a powerful part of my overall traffic strategy.

You can instantly download your copy of 201 Free Twitter Tools here: Definitive Twitter Resource Guide

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    Sue – Thank you for following the Technorati link to my blog. I hope you found value here and I appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment. Let me know if I can add value for you in any way.

  • alma

    Thanks for the ebook and info. I am eager to start something on twitter that will work for my business. See if this helps

  • JamesHolmes

    Alma – I am glad that you took advantage of this great resource. It was put together by one of the most highly respected marketing trainers in the industry. Feel free to return to my blog as you will find a growing list of resources.

    In addition, I have a large inventory of free e-books, software and resources available at my resource site:

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