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Welcome To Your Prosperity Summit 2013 Bonuses From James Holmes


Congratulations on taking action by participating in Dr. Tera Maxwell’s amazing event ‘The Prosperity Summit 2013‘ and I know that if you showed up with an open mind and sense of purpose… you have grown!

When Tera presented me with the honor of participating in the Summit she asked if I would be willing to give her participants a bonus to add value to your experience and taking action on what you have learned from my content. Not only did I say yes but I also decided to over deliver and therefore I am providing you with multiple bonuses.

Here is what you get without obligation:

Bonus #1. Free Membership to James Holmes One 24 Profits System

One24profits-125x125The One 24 Profits System is my personal multiple streams of income training, resources, and tools platform. Once you have set up your complimentary account you will have access to the complete system including live weekly webinars and training calls.

I have spent more than five years building a successful Internet business centered on a multiple income streams model and within One 24 Profits System you will learn how to do the same. Regardless if you want to promote an existing business, build a new business around your passion, or follow my multiple income streams model; your membership along with the training and resources you will receive can be life changing for you.

To Claim Your Complimentary Membership Go Here: One 24 Profits System

Bonus #2. Exclusive Marketing Tapas Calls with James Holmes

Academy-GraduateIn 2010 I was asked to provide advice on how information marketers and online marketers can build a responsive subscriber list. The series was produced in three short episodes delivered to members of an exclusive membership site community and for the first time they are being shared more broadly.

Regardless of what you are selling through your business online, having a highly responsive subscriber list is the equivalent to having a license to print money in your business.

As you will learn through these recordings, once you have attracted a prospect to your targeted list you will want to add massive value to give your subscribers a chance to get to know you, like you, and most importantly trust you. Why? Because people buy from people they know like and trust.

Here are Your Recordings:

Listbuilding Vol 1 with James Holmes

Listbuilding Vol 2 with James Holmes

Listbuilding Vol 3 with James Holmes

Bonus #3. Saturday Morning Coffee Call Recordings with James Holmes

James-Holmes-Coffee-CallThe Wealth and Abundance series includes 11 lessons based on a simple truth which states outcomes including what you have, who you have, how much you have is evidence (proof) of what you were willing to give up and what you were willing not to do. It is your “Prosperity Mindset” that will predict your outcomes. This series of recording was made during my original Saturday Morning Coffee call program that resulted in breakthroughs for many of the participants.

** Please note that the audio player for will open in a new tab window.

Episode 01: 2008-01-18-Episode-1-TS-82889

Episode 02: 2008-01-25-Episode-2-TS-83898

Episode 03: 2008-02-01-Episode-3-TS-85791

Episode 04: 2008-02-08-Episode-4-TS-87766

Episode 05: 2008-02-15-Episode-5-TS-89617

Episode 06: 2008-02-29-Episode-6-TS-89620

Episode 07: 2008-03-07-Episode-7-TS-89623

Episode 08: 2008-03-14-Episode-8-TS-97670

Episode 09: 2008-03-21-Episode-9-TS-97671

Episode 10: 2008-03-28-Episode-10-TS-97672

Episode 11: 2008-04-04-Episode-11-TS-103441

I trust that you will take full advantage of the bonuses I have provided here as well as those being provided by each of the 23 presenters of the summit. Action is a key ingredient in your personal success formula, so be sure to put massive action behind what you have learned.

I am here to help you succeed online and create your ideal Internet Marketing lifestyle!


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