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Promoted Tweets: New Business Model for Twitter

The questions have been asked time and again for more than a year; “Does Twitter have a business model?” and “How will Twitter monetize their business?” It appears that those questions will be answered today in part as Twitter announces “Promoted Tweets,” a new service that has been in beta and will allow advertisers ads to appear in relevant search results.

Twitter users post more than 55 million tweets everyday and many of those tweets will be leveraged by companies like Virgin America, Best Buy and Starbucks all of whom are already on board. Promoted Tweets provides an interesting new option for Internet marketers who have suffered the sting of advertsing slaps from Google in the past year.

Many savvy marketers have shifted their advertising dollars for search campaigns to Facebook in recent months and Promoted Tweets offers another option to reach a targeted audience in any niche.

This is great news for small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs who can now attract and gather followers in their niche through participation in the Promoted Tweets program, which then allows them to further leverage their advertising dollars with future tweets to those followers with no additional cost.

CNBC reported yesterday that Twitter may value post and pricing based on how much a “Promoted Tweet” is passed around — its “resonance.”

Here is an overview from CNBC’s Julia Boorstin.

We will learn more today and this may also spell the end to the wide open frontier for independent applications developers who have created more than 70 million applications as Twitter begins to focus on drawing profit from it’s platform.

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