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Podcast Episode #99: Living Your Very Best Life with Riana Malia

I am very excited to have the privilege of introducing you to a very dear friend and business associate Riana Malia from Your Very Best Life and Your Dynamic Life Liason. Riana will be my guest on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast on Blog Talk Radio. I invite you to join us for a empowered conversation about living life on purpose by designing your very best life.

Who is Riana Malia?

“My name is Riana Malia and I get to show others how to create true financial and time freedom in their lives. I work with people I enjoy,and get to spend quality time with the people I love. Each and every day I watch the transformation of people going through life looking at what is common to looking at what is possible…which is extraordinary. I am able to generate an amazing income, have the opportunity to make choices that wouldn’t otherwise be an option, and have significant impact in other peoples lives. I have the opportunity to wake up every Monday morning, starting my week off with the thought of all the things on my list that I “get to” do, instead of thoughts of all the things i “have to” do…” – Riana Malia

Here are the show details:

Show: The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

When: Wednesday May 12th at 1:00 PM EST

Web-Host: Blog Talk Radio

Show Page:

Call In Number: 1 (646) 727-3058

Chat Room Open: Yes

This promises to be an informative show full of valuable content that will be immediately actionable.

I am looking forward to hearing you on the show!

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