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Podcast Episode #93: Colin Klinkert of Viral URL Notes, Replay Link & Gift

Colin Klinkert Co-Founder of Viral URL was my guest February 17th on the “Internet Business Blueprint Podcast” on Blog Talk Radio. The program more than delivered on my expectations as we were also joined by Frank Bauer the other founder of this powerful marketing tool. During the show we covered the history and idea behind Virl URL, Viral Networks and Viral Hosts. In the event that you missed the show, I wanted to provide you with the replay link as well as extend a special bonus that Colin extended to my listeners.

Here are a few notes:

1. Viral URL was founded in October 2007

2. Viral URL has more than 63,000 active members

3. Viral URL has than 250,000 cloaked links in their system

4. Viral URL is a Link Cloaker, List Builder, Safe-list Mailer and Integrated Marketing System

5. Viral URL offers both FREE and Upgraded Paid Memberships

The services provided by Viral URL are ideal for Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, or anyone that wants to cloak and track URLs for a variety of reasons. At the very least I would recommend signing up today for a free account and take a look at the marketing resources included in this system. In addition to being able to cloak all of your affiliate URLs and other links, you will be able to promote to your programs and track your marketing efforts to identify what is actually working.

In addition to discussing their businesses we also discussed several “best practices” and Colin and Frank both offered tips to help you grow your brand presence and financial results in your online business. I asked what the top users and most effective members of Viral URL are doing to generate opt ins to their list and generate referral commissions by referring new members, here are a few key points.

1. Consistently send high value email messages every three days

2. Don’t pitch and sell, instead brand yourself and add value to your market

3. Create splash pages and auto response campaigns to develop relationship with your list

4. Invest a little time reading member emails and take advantage of the credit links therein

In addition, we had a great conversation concerning viral marketing in general and innovations within the niche. This is a very informative interview and is worth your investment of time listening to the recording.

Here is the Interview Replay Link: Internet with Colin Kilnert

To Join Viral URL for Free Click Here: Viral URL Free Account

To claim your special bonus accept the one time offer when you sign up, log into your new account and go to the “Ad Credit Section” from there click on “Claim As Credits Coupon” from the drop down menu and enter this code: jamesholmesgold

Once you have joined and taken a tour of the site, be sure to set up your campaign and start marketing. Stop back here and provide your feedback after your have sent out a few messages and cloaked a few links.

I am here to help you succeed in all aspects of your business!

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P.S. Here is a list of the sites referenced in the interview:

Viral URL

Viral Networks

Viral Host

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