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Podcast Episode #90: Jon Olson Discusses Web Traffic, Personal Branding and Making Pizza

On Thursday January 21, 2010 Traffic Exchange expert and author Jon Olson owner of ‘I Love Hits‘ and “SWAT Traffic‘ will join us to discuss traffic exchanges and how to utilize them to build a thriving Internet business. Jon’s sites are ranked among the leading manual traffic exchanges. Perhaps Jon is best known for his authorship of “The Pizza Plan,” a book that details how a former pizza store manager created a thriving internet business resulting in a full-time income and complete time and lifestyle freedom starting with a budget of $70 per month.

Join us for a discussion of the traffic exchange industry and a lively discussion with topics including:

1. The five biggest mis-conceptions about traffic exchanges

2. Discover what may be the best kept secret for creating meaningful web traffic

3. Learn the two biggest mistakes that most people make when utilizing traffic exchanges

4. Discover the two things you must do to profit using traffic exchanges

5. What is new for 2010 in the traffic exchange niche

I will be taking your call and Jon will answer your questions live and everyone who calls in or ask a question will receive a special set of tools to help you grow your business. It promises to be a fun and informative show, so feel free to join in.

Grab a Free Copy of Jon Olson’s Book Here:  “The Pizza Plan

I have several great guest coming on the show in the coming weeks so stay tuned. Here is the show page:

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  • Trevor Bandura

    Great post. Traffic exchanges are a great way to get massive traffic pretty quick, but unless your using the right traffic exchange, all your hours of surfing will be wasted.

    I prefer to actualy use the Text Ad Exchanges more offten to get solo ads, these work great.