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Podcast Episode #112: How To Find The Real Deal without Getting A Raw Deal with Elysse Curry

How to you find the real deal when looking for a home based business? Simple enough question but the answers may surprise you – then again maybe not. Join me on Monday August 16th for a very special podcast interview with Elysse Curry author Of “How To Find The Real Deal without Getting A Raw Deal” a guide for busy women who want to work from home.

Elysse Curry is the founder and CEO of Curry communications, coaching women om personal leadership development. A successful conventional business owner, Elysse built a six figure MLM business in additional to running her other businesses. Elysse is the recipient of the 2003 Business Woman of the Year Award and the 2008 Women in Leadership National Award.

During this fast paced interview, we are going to demystify the process of valuating home business opportunities and provide you with a fail safe process empowering you to cut through the hype, misinformation and fraud that unfortunately exists in many companies in the home business niche.

As a bonus, we will explore the top ten reasons home-based businesses fail and how to avoid making the same mistakes. What you learn on the podcast today will serve you for the rest of your home business career and provide you with a process to evaluate and recognize the good opportunities and those that you should avoid.

We also are pleased to announce Elysse will be launching her new podcast this week and I am honored to be her first guest. More details to come in a follow up post. Please be sure to join us for both podcast.

The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast is dedicated to internet marketers and home based business professionals in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling. I provide coaching, resources and tools to help you build your business by growing your list, adding value, evolving your tribe, and earning daily revenue through your marketing funnel.

Here are the show details:

Show: The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

When: Wednesday August 16th at 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST

Web-Host: Blog Talk Radio

Show Page:

Call In Number: 1 (646) 727-3058

Chat Room Open: Yes

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