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Perry Marshall and Drew Bischof FaceBook Fast Track Video

Many of you might recall that I posted an article last winter about Perry Marshall’s 2010 edition of The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords. Here is what I said at the time:

I am recommending Perry Marshall’s “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords 2010 Edition” to all of my coaching students, associates, reader of my blog, and listeners of my podcast. As an affiliate of Perry Marshall’s programs, I also recommend this as a great affiliate product to add to your portfolio as it can save those who follow your advice an recommendation thousands of dollars in mis-guided campaigns and earn them considerable profits in exchange.”

The bottom line is that I was right, the slaps continued in 2010 and many marketers abandoned or should I say were forced to find alternatives for their pay per click campaigns. Several top marketers have chosen Facebook and the bottom line is they are right.

Consider the Facts:

  • Facebook has grown to over 540 million users in 6 years
  • Facebook receives 570 billion page views per month, which is 35% of all web traffic
  • Facebook is visited a multiple of 8x more than the #2 site on the Internet
  • Facebook’s average visitor spends 44.6 minutes per day on their site

Drew Bischof has been working with Perry Marshall for the past three years, studying Facebook and developing strategies to help marketers tackle the next marketing frontier, Facebook pay per click advertising. The result is the definitive course on Facebook marketing and the release of three free videos that are content rich and provide real guidance on how you can capitalize on the trend toward Facebook.

The videos are free, the first is provided without an opt in, so there are no strings attached. In the first video Drew lays the foundation and will open your eyes to several solid concepts and I predict you will have at least one “ah ha” moment, I had two. I recommend watching the first video and if you see value here you can access the  remaining videos for free.

Go Here to Watch Video #1: Free FaceBook Fast TrackVideo

After watching the first video I posted the following comment to the accompanied blog and it sums up my impressions of the video and all that is to follow in the series. I recognize the value and impact of Facebook’s emergence and I also see the opportunity it represents. Regardless of where you are in the development of your social media strategy, I would heed the advice of those who conquered the last frontier, Google’s AdWords program.

November 23,2010

James Holmes @ 6:35 pm

Drew -

Awesome video both in terms of style and (especially) content. What I appreciate most is that you are not just presenting a nice package without a prize inside. It seems obvious, but my feeling that if the free content is this good … I can’t wait to see what is in the actual course.

There is no doubt that Facebook is a real player now, especially given all of the recent “marketer slaps.” I don’t blame them as their priority is the search experience for their customer. As marketers we have to simply work within the limits of their terms of service and look for alternatives. Facebook sounds like a good choice to me.

Thank you … awesome!

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P.S. Be Sure to Watch Video #1 Here:

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