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Responce to “Perry Belcher Unplugged” Could Be Late July Fireworks!


Perry Belcher

We have a very interesting guest joining us on Monday July 20, 2009 and there could be Late July Fireworks! I began promoting that Social Media Expert and Internet Marketing Guru Perry Belcher would be my special guest for a special one hour edition of the “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast, which I host every weekday. Perry Belcher witll be my guest Monday July 20th at 11:00 AM EST.

The responses I have received on Twitter have been more than interesting and will no doubt add a new twist to Perry appearance on the program.

My intention for inviting Perry on the program was to share my positive experience with others and allow my listeners to call in to ask Perry questions, chat with feedback, and benefit from the knowledge of someone who has produced tremendous results with consistency. There are literally ten of thousands of people trying to figure out how to make social media work, how to leverage it to build their brand and drive sales in their businesses. I felt that having Perry on the show would provide a unique opportunity to benefit a large number of entrepreneurs.

I have learned several profitable Internet strategies related to Google and other online marketing strategies from both Perry Belcher and his business partner Ryan Deiss through two programs: “Get Money From Google” and “Make Money with Your Microphone.” In both cases I found the content to be well researched, very actionable, and valuable when it comes to producing results.

Here is where the story becomes interesting. I have received a few tweets questioning why I would have a convicted felon on my show, someone who was convicted for running a fraudulent Internet marketing campaign and who had over one million dollars in assets seized by the Federal Government. They asked didn’t I know this about Perry Belcher? Fair question and I feel very comfortable with my answer. I did in fact know about Perry Belcher, the Federal Case for which he made restitution and all the details – Perry Belcher told me all about it and even told me where I could go to read all the details for myself. Ironically one of the sites is owned by a person who sent me a tweet.

I RESPECT all of the varied opinions on Perry Belcher, his crimes, his popularity, his authority on social media sites, his successes, and his failures. I can easily agree to disagree with the few who want to prosecute Perry Belcher over and over, I just as easily agree with the hundreds of thousands of people that follow Perry for his authenticity and sage marketing advice. So now you know my bias.I just posted a public comment on Perry’s blog in response to “Perry Belcher Shocking Confession Video” that Perry has posted and tweets out regular.

The comments I posted on Perry’s blog makes clear how I feel about this entire issue. I encourage you to watch it and draw your own conclusions, you can see it here: Perry Belcher’s Succcess Blog

Here is what I said:

“Perry -

I am going to “get real” with you here in response to your “getting real” through this video. I have seen your video a couple of times previously when you linked it to a Twitter post. I have and will continue to Re-Tweet this every time I see it for one simple reason.

My faith is Christian and I love the principles of forgiveness and redemption that are a cornerstone of my faith. Being fallible humans we can all fall short of perfection time and time again – at times some may go beyond making poor choices to consciously commit crimes, or harm another, etc. Does that matter? Absolutely it does!

But here is the reality; the story is not complete until the final chapter is written and only then can the character of a man be judged as final. It sounds like you did indeed cross the line and no doubt you paid a very heavy price and I am sure spend a good deal of your time making apologies for what has been exposed. That being said, you have admitted what has been done, paid your debt to society, and fulfilled your obligations under the law. Both the law and hundreds of thousands of people (friends, piers, associates, clients, customers, members of your list, and social media followers) have indeed proclaimed “your debt is paid in full and you are forgiven.”

Now comes your redemption. I can only judge by my personal experience, anything more is either opinion or an ill advised use stories from others, proof that is neither validated or my own. That type of judgment would lack integrity. I have followed you for the last several months, I have purchased yours and Ryan’s products and listed to hours and hours of your trainings, I have trusted you and with my credit card as a member of your continuity program, and I have benefited greatly from the value I have received.

So being a person of faith, I choose not to judge beyond what I personally know and the law has required. I have witnessed your passion and desire to teach others how to succeed in business, and I believe you have provided a great service to the social media community through your work – teaching others how to be well behaved at the party helps all of us.

Keep changing lives by the power gained through redemptive acts and the anonymous voices will over time fade away, driven into the darkness by the light of truth!

I appreciate you and the work that you and Ryan are producing. Keep adding value, keeping it up front and honest and many will benefit as a result.

Have a blessed day!


In addition to discussing Perry’s life, his Internet marketing strategies, and his rise through social media, we will be discussing his new project with Ryan Deiss called “The Social Media Matrix,” which is being launched this week. If you are interested in the program that I referenced click here for “Get Money From Google” this is a tremendous value at $27.00, which includes five bonus courses.

I personally invite you to log on to the podcast, it should be interesting and I promise you will learn several actionable strategies that will allow you to grow your business, which is after all one of the primary purposes for the podcast. The interview will be live and we will take your questions at: The Internet Business Blueprint

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