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Penny Power Interview Notes and Comments on the Social Web

I had the privilege today to interview author and Ecademy founder Penny Power on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast. In 2010 Ecademy will celebrate their 12th year anniversary as a premium business and social network. To learn more about Ecademy sign up for a free account and see if this community can help you accomplish your objectives: Join Ecademy

I wanted to share a few of my notes from our conversation as Penny Provided some really great insights concerning the social web.

I. The distinction between institutions and networks using two acronyms

1. C.S.C. for Institutions: C = Closed S = Selective C = Controling

2. O.R.S. for Networks: O = Open R = Random S = Supportive

I found this idea very enlightening and as Penny explained the concept in greater detail, it became apparent to me why so many mainstream businesses and organizational institutions such as governments and academic institutions have struggled to bridge onto the social web.

II. Credibility+ Credibility = Profitability

The social web provides a unique opportunity for you to provide your network and potential customers, associates, and friends transparency that empowers them to get to know you, like you, and trust you which is essential in building relationships. Penny provided several key insights on this topic and share the story behind her website

III. The guiding idea behind Ecademy is to establish a community of support for business owners and solo-prenuers around the world, a place where people actually develop true friendships and a dynamic support network.

IV. Ecademy is  integrating a number of enhancements in the month of February and have actually lowered the entry price of their ‘Power Networker’ membership and for those who are ‘Black Star’ members there are several new benefits on the drawing board.

As always, you can register for Ecademy as a free member and upgrade your membership based on the value you see in the community along with your personal goals.

V. The last point I wanted to share here relates to a bonus that I announced on the show for anyone who signs up as a free or paid member at Ecademy using the link provided on the broadcast and in this post. I am launching my first membership site in March 2010 and I have an extensive social media training series of videos and special reports that will be made available to the membership.

For those of you who join Ecademy using my link, I will provide you with a couple of the key modules from the series as my gift to you for being an action taker! This package is a valued at one hundred dollar and it is yours free.

Here is the link: Join Ecademy

Once you have joined Ecademy please be sure to send me a personal email message so that I can welcome you and send you the details on how you will access your social media training videos and reports. The email that you will want to use is

If you would like to better understand how to leverage Ecademy to grow your online business around the world contact me and I will share several strategies that will produce results for you with consistency.

I am here to help you succeed!

P.S. To listen to a recording of the complete interview go here: Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

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