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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Improve Your Email Open Rates with One Small Settings Adjustment

I want to share a quick email marketing tip with you from my Mega Money List vault. Your results will improve dramatically by making a few small adjustments in the way you structure your auto-responder settings and the manner in which you carry out your campaigns. From time to time I will post tips and tools to help you get better results and grow a more responsive list.

Most people use the default ‘from field’ as provided by their Internet service provider or free email sites like Google’s G-mail and Yahoo Mail when they send an email which usually looks something like this: (this is an example and not my real email address).

Using your ISP address or a free email account raw email address as noted above looks unprofessional and actually hurts your open rates according to AWeber, a leading email marketing services provider.

This email marketing mis-step is easily fixed and I am going to show you how to do that in this blog post. First, if you chose to include your email address in the ‘from sender’ line, be sure to set-up an email address which contains your domain. For example your ‘from sender’ line will look like this: this is easier for your readers to recognize, strengthens you brand awareness, and looks more professional.

Another option is not to use your raw email address at all as most email clients allow you to mask your email address with text, such as your name, company name of other statements that would identify you for your subscribers.

Go Daddy .com Domains Sale with this Promo Code

I was pleasantly surprised today when I check my Go Daddy promo center I found a coupon code for .com domain registrations for only $5.99… that is a $6 discount!

Go Daddy is my favorite registrar and there services are top rate. If you have been thinking about purchase one or more new domains follow the steps below:

Step One: Go to Go Daddy Using this Link –

Step Two: At check out enter this *promo code -cjc599v

*Applies to new domains, first year only. Offer may not be used for renewals or transfers. $5.99* .COM offer limited to one order per customer, and five domains per order. Promotion expires after 10,000 redemptions. Customers may not use gift cards, PayPal® (without a connected account) or AliPay to redeem this offer.

I wanted to share this out and hope that it helps you take another step towards your goals. I am here to help you succeed, so feel free to contact me if I can help you.

Have a blessed day!

Easy Traffic Video Course is BHAG Site #8

I have built a successful business by focusing on two core skill-sets… driving viral traffic and building a responsive subscriber list. Today, I have assembled a video course and series of e-courses designed to help you learn what you need to know in order to drive unstoppable traffic, build a responsive list, and become a successful marketer regardless of your niche.

The Easy Traffic Videos Course and two content rich e-courses are BHAG site #8 in my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. My previous blog post reviewing my free ‘Traffic Guide for Affiliates’ represents the first of a three part project which includes a video squeeze page and report, a video course and two volume e-course, and a Wordpress blog to teach you about website traffic.

The course is presented in 12 content rich volumes that takes you from foundation to set-up and concludes with a complete traffic plan that will create unstoppable traffic to your websites and blogs. This is the type of course I would have loved to have as a new marketer and provides concepts consistent with courses I have paid hundreds of dollars to obtain. I have priced this course to make cost a non-factor for anyone serious about getting website traffic and making money online.

Here is a volume by volume overview of the Easy Traffic Videos Course:

Volume 01: Overview – Understand the complete course including a variety of free and low cost methods to get targeted website traffic.

Volume 02: Social Media Marketing – Get the most from social media leveraging Twitter to include tactics to make the most of your participation in these sites.

Volume 03: Social Media Marketing (continued) – Facebook continues to grow and define the direction of social interactions online and Linked In has become the social platform for professionals. In this volume you will learn how to use Facebook to develop your brand and propel traffic and how to make the most of Linked In.

Volume o4: Social Marketing Tools Part One – This volume will detail many of the tools that will save you time and let you in on a few hidden benefits long used by many top Internet marketers.

Volume 05: Social Marketing Tools Part Two – In conjunction with part one this volume will teach you about using Squidoo, Blogger, Google Buzz, Wordpress, Hub Pages, Blog Glue (have you ever heard of this site?) and others.

Volume 06: Social Bookmarking – Learn how to use Digg, Reddit, Technorati, You Tube and more. Understanding how to effectively use these sites will pay off big with reliable traffic.

Volume 07: Traffic Exchanges and List Building Sites – These are among the most mis-understood methods of getting website traffic. Most people use them wrong and after you finish this volume you will better understand how to make the most of exchanges and list builders.

Volume 08: The Big Kahuna! Relationship Marketing – Here we cover integration marketing, ad swaps, and networking. This volume is filled with tips and tricks to help you make the most of this resources.

Volume 09: Give it a Go! Here is another mis-understood and under utilized source of traffic that those who understand it benefit every day and amazingly mostly free of charge. Craigslist, Backpage, Adland Pro, Classifieds for Free, the Free Ads Forum and more.

Volume 10: You Cannot Avoid it! Writing Content Works! Bill Gates once famously said “content is king” and he was right. In this volume you will learn how to produce enough content to keep traffic flowing to your websites.

Volume 11: Write it and they will come! Not exactly… it is critical that you track your clicks in order to target your effort in the areas that produce the best results. If you can only watch one of these videos… don’t miss one.

Volume 12: The Traffic Plan – This is where it all comes together to create your personal traffic plan. All of the knowledge in the world is useless without putting action behind what you have learned. Here we ensure that you take immediate action.

When you join this course you also will enter into my traffic inner circle and will receive additional tools and resources including promo codes for advertising at a variety of popular sites. You will also receive updates on new traffic sources as the Internet continues to evolve and valuable new sites emerge. This is a business changing course that will help you solve one of the biggest problems in online marketing… traffic!

Visit My New Site Here: (click on the title link above to read the complete blog post)

Easy Traffic Guide for Affiates Free Report BHAG Site #7

Easy Traffic Guide for Affiliates Free Report Unlocks Affiliate Income

Have you wondeed how marketers like me and thousands of others earn real money every month selling products and services as an affiliate marketer? Before I discovered the formula I did too and I wanted to create a couple of sites and develop a video course and e-course to help you discover how to make money with affiliate marketing.

I am really excited about the next three sites I will be introducing to you here as they are a grouped in a cluster with emphasis on teaching you how to gain consistent traffic to your websites. The site set-up includes a video squeeze page leading to a quality affiliate traffic free report (and e-course), the second site is a special offer for a 12 part video traffic training course, and finally a Worldpress blog to provide ongoing tools and tips to keep you up to date.

This post will share the first of these sites with you as the Easy Traffic Videos free affiliate traffic report is BHAG site #7 in my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog.

Remember what you have learned from me about creating sales funnels over the past 4 years… sales funnels accomplish many objectives including list building, front end sales, and larger back-end sales. The first step in the Easy Traffic Videos project is launching the video squeeze page and free report offer, which I will detail here for you. Take notes because once you understand how to set-up a proper funnel you can create unlimited sites and cash flow.

Here are the components for phase one of the project which is the video squeeze page:

1.) Domain Name – targeted and keyword rich, especially if it is an aged domain

2.) Site Graphics – these can be custom, private label or re-sell rights

3.) Introduction Video (trailer) – outsource creation or make one free at  Flix Time

4.) High Value Product to Giveaway – Free front-end offer, this can be a PDF, Video, or audio (original, PLR, MRR are fine)

5.) Auto-Responder Sequence (pre-written) – Provide product delivery and ongoing value through your messages

6.) Back-end Product – Deliver a premium front-end free offer, over deliver content through your auto-responder, promote a high value product or service on the back-end

Visit My New Site Here: Free Affiliate Traffic Report

The number one challenge for most online marketers is traffic, which results in too few people to share your offers with and as a result too few sales and very little commission income. My front-end offer helps to solve this problem for you and online marketers in general through my back-end offer which is the ‘Easy Traffic Videos Course’ and an exclusive set of bonuses that you will read about when I review site BHAG site # 8 to follow.

Remember, the key to creating websites that work is giving your subscriber and members extreme value for free and continuing to deliver value for them for as long as they remain on your list. Over time you will develop trust and your subscribers will be open-minded when considering the products and services you share with them in the future. Be patient. a quality list of responsive subscribers is developed over time.

If this project inspires you to create a similar sales funnel with the free offer leading to a back-end sale, I would love to hear about your ideas and how I can assist you. I am here to help you succeed online by creating funnels that provide value for your list so your subscribers succeed… by doing this, your success is guaranteed.

Have a blessed day!

230f7838ce3cae0635c29260bef6affc1 Worldprofit Platinum is BHAG Site #6

Be sure to read the details about my November 30 sites in 30 days BHAG here:

Big Harry Audacious Birthday Month!

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James Holmes is a full-time Internet marketer focusing on viral traffic sites, membership sites, affiliate marketing, blogging, pod-casting, and more.  James teaches others how to develop business funnels that create multiple streams of income leveraging automated tools and resources. To request a free 30 minute consultation contact James by phone at 303-523-9503 or email at


Note: If you’d like to reprint this article on your blog or in your newsletter you have permission to do so as long as the copyright information and the resource box above remains with the article.

ShoeMoney 12 Week Internet Marketing Course Review

I have followed Jeremy Shoemaker’s ShoeMoney consistently over the past couple of years and it is easy to see why he has won over even the most skeptical Internet marketers… he has been online 13+ years. On a personal level Jeremy has a very compelling story and he is a guy you can relate to as he is a very authentic person.

Jeremy has just released a free 12 week Internet marketing course and offers it with no strings attached. I have been taken the course over the past few weeks and have picked several tips that I already have implemented into my business. I wanted to share this special offer with you and encourage you to sign up for the course and take action on what you learn.

Here is an overview for each weekly course:

Week 01 – The Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing
Week 02 – Affiliate Marketing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start Promoting Products
Week 03 – Market Research: How To Crush Your Competitors And Discover Hot Niches
Week 04 – Introduction to Pay Per Click
Week 05 – Advanced Pay Per Click
Week 06 – SEO Tips, Tricks, and Tactics
Week 07 – Content Creation: How To Create Articles That Attract Users And Increase Sales
Week 08 – Marketing: How To Use Social Media To Spread Your Brand
Week 09 – Make That Cash: 10 Ways To Monetize Your Site And Increase Profitability
Week 10 – Testing & Tracking: How To Optimize Your Site & Make Sense Of The Figures
Week 11 – Building Your Team: How To Network With Others And Find Long Term Partners
Week 12 – Launch Day: How To Kick Start Your Business And Manage Your Projects

Here is the link to sign up for free: ShoeMoney 12 Weeks

Worldprofit Platinum is BHAG Site #6

When I was introduced to Worldprofit for the first time in 2008, I was impressed with their ‘Live Business Center’ which is an online marketplace where all of the prospecting and enrolling of members takes place in real time. When I began looking for a new platform to train marketers, I recalled the live business center model and returned to Worldprofit where I have now been happily leveraging their resources since May 2010.

George Kosch introduced a great new platform a couple of weeks ago which places this same technology into the hands of upgraded members and from which I have launched my personal live business center. My new Worldprofit Platinum Live Business Center is site #6 of my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog.

This technology has been developed by George Kosch and delivered to the members 95% complete and 100% functional from day one. The business or income opportunities being promoted, site graphics and special offers can be fully customized or the defaults can be used. In addition, I have added my social media icons linked to my profiles and hot links to my blogs and other important sites in my funnel.

In the current configuration I am offering a massive package of advertising credits for visitors to use to promote their websites at several popular safelist and ad exchanges. I also am providing immediate access to our brand new ‘Solo Ad Blaster’ with 90,000 emails sent per month.

I am also giving away three valuable information product by download as follows:

1. Google Traffic Tips & Tactics

2. Clickbank IM Reviews

3. Understanding SEO

So what is the take away here for you? It depends on your business funnel and whether or not you could see the value in presenting your business using platform like this to work directly with your prospects and make sales in a live environment. It will certainly set you apart from 99.9999% of the marketers online by using the live business center.

You can visit my site and take advantage of the bonuses presented on the site. If I happen to be in the room we can speak directly or you can simply click on the order button to get a Silver or Platinum package of your own or opt-in for the free associates offer.

Visit my site here: (Please click on the Title link above to read the complete article)

Internet Entrepreneurs Forum is BHAG Site #5

Internet Entrepreneurs Forum was conceived as a project in the summer of 2010 and was inspired by Tissa Godavitarne’s ACME People Search Forum which is masterfully utilized. I like about the way Tissa uses his forum to build community through the forum and using as a place where the community provide support for the other members of his program. This is very powerful and incredibly effective. My vision is much the same as Tissa’s and because of this I am content with the steady and progressive growth of the forum based on the needs of the members.

I felt this would be a great site to complete as part of my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. Internet Entrepreneurs Forum is site #5 of with 25 more to go.
The forum is built on the PhpBB script which is a free script and widely used by forum developers in a variety of niches. The script is very flexible in terms of features and the administration area is easy to learn and manage. I did add one additional script which added a rotating banner ads capability to install banner ads and other images to any section of forum I want including individual post or segmented by group.

I set up the initial sections of the forum under two main categories, community and forum (main) with several sub-categories. This is just the start and the categories and sub-categories will expand organically as the forum community grows.

Here are the categories and sub-categories as the site is being launched today: (Please click on the Title Link above to read the full article)

SEO Videos Free BHAG Site #4

The third and final site in the SEO Experts Pro group is SEO Videos Free and it represents site #4 in my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. This site represents an acquisition opportunity that came along at the perfect time and was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Video is big and many people including me prefer learning through video instruction, so it is always a good idea to include video as a key component to any website project that you develop. I decided to add video to the the SEO Experts Pro project first by adding video to the SEO Experts Pro blog, which I did and then decided to go a step further by putting together a sister sister which became SEO Free Videos.

I explored building a Wordpress based site, a PHP based site, and contracting a programmer to create a site for me. I finally decided to acquire a site through an online auction from a programmer who has extensive experience building video “how to” sites and it was a great decision.

This one was simple as the site was delivered complete and only required that I transfer the files to my hosting account and the domain name to my domain host. The majority of the work to connect the site to the other sites in this group relied on the blog and the social media profiles at Facebook and Twitter.

In case you missed the details regarding the other sites in this grouping visit the following links for details. (Click on the title link above to read the complete article)

Search Engines Revealed BHAG Site #3

The second site in the SEO Experts Pro project is also site #3 of my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. If you are not aware of what this crazy project is all about and the objectives I have set forth to add value for you and everyone else I engage with in my businesses. Be sure to read the prior post where I explain the entire vision for series of projects.

I created the Internet Business Blueprint to teach others how to create sales funnels and front-end offers that provides extreme value, build your list, and allows you to accomplish your specific major purpose for establishing a business online. Regardless if you are providing a product free of charge or severely under charging as I have done here with a $7 price tag on a book that sells online for forty-seven dollars.

I have written and published e-books as well as utilized private label rights products (PLR) to create high value offers for my customers and subscribers to my list. In this case I decided to provide an extreme value on an expertly written e-book on a very challenging topic… search engine optimization.

This project did not require too much effort, but that does not mean the outcome has any less impact for you and me. It certainly required that I learn a few new skills concerning HTML editing and a few other coding actions.

Here are three tips to consider when using PLR products: (Please click on the title link above to read the entire blog post)

SEO Experts Pro Blog BHAG Site #2

This is the second project under the umbrella of my November 30 blogs in 30 days Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which I have detailed in previous blog posts explaining the objective in full and the completion of the first successful project Internet Marketing Professional. The details for this project SEO Experts Pro involves 3 websites, a blog, a information produce sales pages (and download page), and a SEO video hosting site with a library of over seven-thousand search engine optimization videos.

This post will cover the SEO Experts Pro blog with each of the other sites getting there own review.

Site #2 is SEO Experts Pro which is a Wordpress blog in the highly competitive search engine optimization niche. This site was originally soft launched (released with little or no promotion) in January 2010 and due to other projects placed this site on the back burner. When I conceived the project for this site I envisioned a blog that would host articles from many search engine optimization experts that would write occasionally as guest bloggers and focus on their area of expertise and deliver extreme value to my readers. This is still one of the primary objectives going forward.

I decided that this would be the perfect time to pick this project back up and complete it due to the fact that the rules continue to change and getting your websites highly ranked in search engines and maintaining those rankings requires forethought, planning, and continual adjustments… it is not set it and forget it. The value proposition of this program is training, resources and tools for website owners and Internet marketers at all experience levels to better understand SEO.

Here are the primary task I performed to complete this project: (Please click the title link above to read the full blog post)