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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

James Holmes Presentation for Contact List Builder

Join me on Saturday January 20, 2012 as I am Janet Legere and Don Legere’s guest presenter at their weekly ‘Content List Builder’ live web conference. I will be presenting on one of my favorite topics and core tenants of my business model… multiple income streams and automated daily income.

I have been a previous guest on Janet’s conference and you can watch the video of my past presentation here. I love interacting with the amazing community of marketers at Contact List Builder and I am certain that you will also.

The Agenda:

My intention is to share the wisdom of creating multiple automated sales funnels to create daily income online. I will provide you with the ‘why’ behind this business model and the ‘how’ to set everything up and make it work for you.

Why pursue a multiple income streams model?
What are the keys to creating multiple stream income streams?
How to structure your multiple streams properly?
What resources so you need to make it EASY?
Now that you have them what do you do with them?
How to make it work systematically?
In addition, I am going to completely destroy a popular myth that states; “The man (or woman) that chases two rabbits catches none.” I will prove to you that this is a completely false statement. (Click the title link to read the Complete post)

Maryanne Myers Advertising Sites Review

Effective Internet Marketing with Maryanne Myers Safelist Sites

I use dozens of viral ad exchanges to drive traffic to my websites and to produce sales for affiliate programs I promote; I use ad exchanges for one simple reason… they work. Advertising exchanges exist in many forms including traffic exchanges, safelist, viral mailers, text ad exchanges and a variety of variations on these scripts. I get consistent results and literally earn money every weeky by posting ads to these sites and you can too.

I was introduced to a site called Money List Mania created by Maryanne Myers on December 12, 2009 and from the moment I posted my first ad to the site I enjoyed results. I soon discovered that Ms. Myers is a true force in the ad exchange industry as owner of more than twenty sites and over time I have become a member of all of them. Her sites are very popular and deliver extreme value for the members.

If you are not using advertising exchanges you should be and if you are looking for responsive sites I recommend taking a close look at Maryanne Myers programs. The following link will take you to a list of Maryanne’s websites along with a special bonus offer I have created for additional free advertising at a couple of ad exchange sites I own.

Go Here:

Who is Maryanne Myers?

Maryanne Myers is a talented PHP programer, HTML and Java Script coder, web designer, marketing and advertising expert. She has developed more than 30 safelist websites with 410,000+ responsive members who enjoy mailing to a targeted list. Everyone one of her sites offers her members unique ways to advertise their businesses, drive targeted website traffic, and make money.  Maryanne enjoys a loyal following of affiliate who actively promote her sites immediately upon launching resulting in thousands if members joining within the first few weeks.

I love to share programs, systems and resources that are working for me in my business. I believe it is important to test and prove results from a program before recommending it to you, I adopted this core philosophy very early in my online career and believe following this practice allows me to serve you my reader in the best possible way.

Have a blessed day!

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Dr. Jeffrey Lant Articles Gifts for the New Year

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO of Worldprofit, Inc.

I have been a member of Worldprofit since May 2010 and have enjoyed the mentor-ship of Dr. Jeffrey Lant. I became intrigued last year as the result of a little prodding from George Kosch, Dr. Lant began writing articles to benefit the dealers and worldwide community at Worldprofit. George’s simple idea coupled with an amazing work ethic by Dr. Lant has resulted in an article directory of nearly 450 contributions with three to five new articles added every week. In addition to the articles of Dr. Lant, there are occasional contributions have been made by Worldprofit co-founders Sandi Hunter and George Kosch himself.

In addition to his co-leadership of Worldprofit, Inc. Dr. Lant has developed a worldwide reputation as an author based in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Lant draws upon his vast interest, deep knowledge of history, and a keen sense for the rhythm of world events and produces amazingly relevant articles for the benefit of everyone who reads them.

Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki on Brand Engagement

I am a HUGE advocate of finding ways to leverage viral marketing and social media to extend your brand and grow your business. By definition, that which is viral is also organic, meaning you shouldn’t overthink the process of growing your brand virally.

The engine that powers your viral messages is the value you provide to those who share your message with others causing it to spread online. But you are the spark that egnites the process and for that you simply need to develop the mindset of giving to others first.

In their latest books, Gary Vaynerchuk (Thank You Economy), Guy Kawasaki (Enchantment), and Russell Simmons (Do You) among other thought leaders have stated… the companies and brands that will thrive now and into the future are those that empower people to fulfill their purpose by engaing with a company or brand. The trend is for customers and communities to engage with companies whoes brand values include putting people first and creating exceptional experiences in the delivery of their products and services.

In this short video we are treated to rare dual interview from two of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs on the scene today. Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki take turns highlighting the core message of their books. (Click on the title link above to read the complete article and watch the video)

S.W.A.T. Traffic Conferences New Presenters and Expanded Schedule

I am pleased to announce that we have expanded the scope of training we are providing at the S.W.A.T. Conference Room and you can now particpate in our community seven days each week. The mission of our conferences is to provide you with expert training and detailed surfing strategies to get the most from your investment of time in S.W.A.T. and other advertising exchanges you use.

S.W.A.T. Traffic = Surfing Websites And Trading Traffic represents a simple concept but the process can be tricky, so what could be better than learning how to succeed online from a community of people who are succeeding? The mission of our conferences is to provide you with expert training and detailed surfing strategies to get the most from your investment of time in S.W.A.T. and other advertising exchanges you utilize.

I have personally been conducting weekly training conferences for more than a year now and inspired by community interest we have invited new trainers and added several new sessions to the schedule. The conferences are free to attend and you are welcome to attend as many sessions each week as you desire.

Here is the Weekly Seminar Schedule:
(Please click on the title link to read the entire article)

How to Closeout 2011 Strong and Launch 2012 with Momentum

You can make your year in December with a plan and massive action… ready to go?

Historically December has been a great month for me in business both online and throughout a real estate /mortgage banking career that spanned more than 20 years. There are two primary reasons for this; first, I have always used the month of December to access my year and make plans to shore up any shortcomings and secondly, I take massive action because so many people coast through the holidays… so competition is low.

Last week I discussed this in great detail during my ‘Worldprofit Mentor Podcast’ and provided several tips that will help you closeout 2011 successfully and create momentum in your business allowing you to begin 2012 in a powerful way. I encourage you to invest the next twenty-five minutes listening to the recording and be sure to take notes and create your plan right away. (Click on the title link above to read the complete article and listen to the podcast)

Brian Zens Celebrates One Year Anniversary of List Adventure & My Bonuses!

My friend Brian Zens is celebrating the One Year Anniversary of his amazing viral advertising site ‘List Adventure,’ which is a viral mailer and one my favorite sites because the membership is very responsive and I consistently delivers clicks to conversions. Viral mailer sites are a core marketing pillar for all of my affiliate promotions and product sales and they can help you achieve success when promoting your websites and offers.

I am joining in the celebration of Brian’s first year by offering you access to a free membership (and promo code) to List Adventure along with a special bonus from my traffic exchanges, SWAT Traffic and Boot Scootin’ Traffic so that you can post your ads and try List Adventure for yourself. I think you are going to love it!

After joining you will be able to immediately email 1200 marketers free every 5 days and even more if you decide to upgrade to an upper level membership as I have done.

Here’s how to claim your free membership and my special bonuses:

1. Click the link below and join List Adventure:

2. Log in to your account and click “Advertising”
3. Enter this code in the Redeem Promo Code Box: newmember

You will be given 2000 advertising credits and you will be able to immediately send an email to 1200 random members. You will be able to repeat this every 5 days.. (Click on the Title link above to read the full story)

Do You Think it is Hard to Make Money Online?

I interact daily with dozens of people all driven by a common goal to make money online and change their lives in meaningful ways. Among the most commonly asked questions are those focused on whether or not it is difficult to make money online. This is understandable because the Internet can be a very confusing place with so many promises of easy riches and push button profits, it is easy to see why people become discouraged when these programs fail to produce results for the great majority of people who try.

The key to succeeding online is approaching your business objectives with the proper mindset, one that allows you to see the possibilities and determine a path that will lead to your success. There is a transition must be made to become a successful online business owner… a transition I call going from ‘e to E.’

What is e to E?

Understanding the difference between how e = employees and E = Entrepreneurs are paid is a critical piece of the success formula, failure to understand this foundational concept will lead to discouragement and frustration on your journey. Let me go one step further, the lack of understanding of the transition from e to E is responsible for the failure of more budding entrepreneurs than any other single factor.

How are e = employees compensated?

employees are compensated by exchanging time for money, which is usually predetermined based on an hourly rate or salary.

How are E = Entrepreneurs compensated?

Entrepreneurs are compensated as a derivative the problems they solve and/or the value they provide to the marketplace. Typically, the level (or amount) of compensation is proportionate to the size of the problems solved or sheer amount of value provided. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Based on this truth, you can understand why you must avoid logging hours when you launch your new business. Forget about the hours you spend and understand that you will likely be under compensated for a period of time. If you refuse to quit you will eventually reach a tipping point and begin to earn based on a whole new set of guidelines. Once you have broken through to the entrepreneurial standard you will earn based on your true worth and not as a result of the number of hours you work.

What do you mean by hard?

Understanding the degree to which you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your dreams is another critical piece of the success formula. I have always believed that the definition of ‘hard’ is an individual one and is directly tied to your mindset. So what if it is hard…what matter is whether or not your dream worth it to you.

Here is a short video that might change the way you see your world and redefine the meaning of the word hard in your life. This video changed me, I already possessed a strong mindset toward self-sacrifice and hard work… yet this still caused a change in my perception of challenges. (Click on the title link above to watch the video and read the full article)

George Kosch Rare Worldprofit Video Presentation

It has been a while since I updated you on my growing success with Worldprofit both as a viable income opportunity and a traffic platform I use to grow multiple income streams. As I write this post, I am completing my 19th consecutive month in profit since joining Worldprofit in May 2011… November will be the second most profitable month to date.

Recently George Kosch, Co-Founder and Chief of Technology for Worldprofit, Inc. conducted a live webcast detailing several key elements of their amazing systems. It is difficult to highlight more than a handful of dozens of innovative automated traffic and search engine optimization tools available to Worldprofit dealers. In this video Mr. Kosch details several core benefits available to Silver and Platinum members, which allows you to see what Worldprofit sells and discover how you can make money with Worldprofit.
(Please click on the title link above to read the full article)

Net Learning Academy Private Coaching to Ensure Your Online Success

The Net Learning Academy was launched on November 2, 2011 by Robert Puddy, Chris Houg, Catherine Heiter, Josh Abbott, Brett Phillips, and James Holmes (me). The vision behind this innovative approach to teaching Internet marketing grew from our collective desire to provide a fast track way for people to learn how to create true and sustainable businesses online. We offer the core training and weekly webinars free of charge!
(Be sure to click on the title link above to read the full article)
The Net Learning Academy (NLA) is free to join and we provide expert training through a variety of methods including live webinars six days each week Monday to Saturday. Each webinar is taught by a NLA faculty member and focuses on one specific topic, which is the area of specialty for the trainer.