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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

One 24 Profits Training: Your Personal Brand… What Flavor is Your Koolaide?

Here is a recent training I provided for the Net Learning Academy

I am a co-founder and faculty member at the Net Learning Academy, which is a free membership website where you can access expert training and resources from a group of full-time Internet marketers. The faculty includes; Robert Puddy, Janet Legere, Kaye Towne, Chris Houg, Rob Gehring, and me. We are committed to helping our members succeed in growing successful businesses.

In the following video I share several ideas to help you develop an online brand and a tribe of loyal followers for you and your business. The information shared is actionable, so be sure to grab a notepad and pen for notes and a plan of action. I also have an MP3 audio of this session I can email to you upon request, just send an email to me at

Video Training at Net Learning Academy

 To Join Net Learning Academy Click Here: Free Membership to NLA

Regardless if you are a newbie marketer or skilled professional, personal branding should be part of the foundation for anyone interested in created a sustainable income online. The emergence of social media and mobile marketing makes personal branding more important than ever before. Be sure to take action on what you have learned today and if you would like to learn more about this topic, simply type the keyword “branding” in the search bar above and you will be able to gain access to more content.

I would also suggest opting into my ‘Inner Circle‘ using the form in the side bar, you will get a password to my vault and gain access to exclusive resources and tools as well. I am here to help you succeed and trust the training provided today with add value for you.

Have a blessed day!

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P.S. Here is the link again to grab a free account at Net Learning Academy

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