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Network Marketing Revolution: I Witnessed An Attempted Highjacking

Yesterday afternoon network marketing trainer and global field leader Randy Gage sent a broadcast email to members of his list declaring “The Revolution is About to Start!” promoting a live event in California to be streamed live on UStream – cool. Naming the company is not important, I am talking about the revolution, so take these as generic observations and advice that applies to our profession as a whole.

UStream is an amazing free service and it allows you to broadcast in high quality streaming media and reach a huge audience. I applaud the effort to put on an event of this size and the broadcast started without a hitch. I have viewed many UStream events and have a channel of my own and have conducted a few sessions myself and there are a few things you can always count on; people spamming their personal website links, cynical people being rude, and a few viewers generally misbehaving. No problem, the moderator can block those people. What I witnessed last night was much worse.

There was an organized attempt to highjack the broadcast primarily from people in a position of leadership (I did not say leaders) of another company that was so transparent they should be nominated for Jay Leno’s “dumb criminals” list. How can I be so certain, well the truth always reveals itself and many figured it out, called them out and most of them fled the scene. Problem solved! Well not so fast.

On January 1st a large group of professionals within network marketing agreed to pursue a common cause to revolutionize the network marketing profession in order to bring our profession into the mainstream. Last night the actions of a few may have impacted new prospects to our profession and reaffirmed their preconceived ideas about what we represent. The revolution is not about competition among the revolutionaries and their companies, it is about elevating our profession. So who did these shenanigans harm?

Randy Gage will continue to live the dream lifestyle that he has earned, Tony Zolecki, Sarah Zolecki, Gary Hasson, Shai Samuel and others in attendance will get up this morning and continue to work with the willing, the company – no hard done. The distributors present in the room and viewing the tele-cast have already decided, so if they where the intended target, too late. The victims of this foolishness are the new prospects of the network marketing profession who may have had their chance to see the value in our profession stolen from them, and ironically the reputations of the perpetrators themeselves.

Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Carlos Aponte, Jr., Tom Schreither, George Ruiz, Cory Citron, myself and thousands of others have vowed to be active members of the network marketing revolution, to clean up our profession of such practices and usher network marketing into the mainstream. When we see such mis-deeds we have an obligation to speak out and leave no question that being in a position of leadership comes with the responsibility to be a leader. We saw both the best and the worst on display last night and I had to embrace those among the best of us and call out those who have missed the point entirely.

If you or someone you know hasn’t read “The MLM Revelution: A Manifesto” by Randy Gage get a copy here:

Best wishes to my colleagues bound together by a worthy cause!

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