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My First Appearance on “TE Live” with Jon Olson and Tim Linden

I have developed some really great friendships among my Internet Marketing peers, some I have met in person and an even larger number I have gotten to know through telephone conversations, Skype chats, email exchanges and live streams. All of these relationships have added value to my business and my  life and every now and then they produce some pretty cool experiences – just like friendships in the offline world.

Last Wednesday was one such occasion as I had a chance to jump onto “TE Live” hosted by Jon Olson and Tim Linden – the show airs weekdays on UStream TV.

My TE pal Lynn McCutcheon owner of Traffic Pro-X and all around awesome person, summed up my appearance on her blog as follows:

  • James shared a lot of good input and insight on the discussion we were all having about the negativity in TE Land in general and some other great stuff (always great coming from James), and after we all talked about it all at length a little more, the mood changed a little bit and some of us talked about how those of us who still support what we know traffic exchanges can do probably need to work a little harder at trying to keep a more positive outlook on things TE-wise and keeping on trying to help teach people the right way to do things to get results (a la Affiliate Funnel, TE Live, etc.).
  • We also found out James has a daughter who’s in college. I am still suspicious that he can’t possibly be old enough to have a daughter in college looking so young himself! :-)
  • James’ daughter was asking him about TE Live when she was there recently, and we had some discussion about the kids of TE Live. Tim and Jon were talking about going to get coffee and we all wondered why, when they both have kids there (as Jon’s son is visiting this week), they haven’t trained any of those kids to bring them their coffee.
  • Tim went to get coffee with his headset on, so we could still hear him but couldn’t see him. Then we heard his coffee maker.
  • Then when Tim got back, Jon went to get his coffee.
  • James didn’t go get any coffee.
  • I really don’t know what Jon’s doing here:

Lynn pretty accurately described the free for all… part serious and part totally random… just the way we like it!

If you haven’t yet experience the “water cooler” conversation that is TE Live, I personally invite you to stop by and spend some time with us. When I first started participating in TE Live a few months ago, I was always waiting for the “presentation” to start… it never did and what has evolved is something far more valuable to the participants… the people who tune in every day. It is a community of people who are getting to know each other, who can safely share their rants, best ideas, tips, promotions, and a good laugh everyday!

Be sure to check out TE Live and my friends blogs – be sure to say hello when you stop by!

TE Live:

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Lynn McCutcheon:

Hats off to Jon and Tim for allowing TE Live to take on a life all it’s own and not trying to micro manage and mold this into just another training platform. We need the training broadcast too, but I love having a virtual water cooler to hangout at in the middle of my work day.

I am here to help you succeed online and achieve your ideal Internet lifestyle!

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