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My First 30 Day Review of Dot Com Secrets X

I’ve been a member of Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X for 30 Days

Last month I posted a review of Russell Brunson’s newly released Dot Com Secrets X titled “I Purchased This for $1 and You Should Too” and the feed back was great. Today, I am posting a review of my first 30 days as a member of this coaching program and membership site, which has been eye opening for me and should help you in making the right decision for to join yourself.

Why I joined Dot Com Secrets X

The first Internet marketing training program I purchased when coming online 4 years ago was the original Dot Com Secrets course, so I was very interested in seeing what Russell was going to deliver in this completely revised program. I was attracted to the idea of committing to a 30 Day Challenge because I know that this type of focused effort produces results. I was ready to take on something new and actionable and this looked like a nice fit and based on the $1 trail for 30 days there was also zero financial risk.

The 30 Day Challenge

The concept is very simple and the execution of the idea means that this program will work for marketers of all experience levels from the “newbie” (I was once a newbie) to the most experienced marketer looking for new strategies to grow their business.

The Dot Com Secrets training is divided into 3 phases; 1.) Get Traffic ans Sales Fast 2.) Build Your Organic Growth Strategy and 3.) Turn On The Mass Media Traffic. Each phase is 30 days in duration and provides precise guided coaching including all of the tools, resources, swipes and over the shoulder video tutorials to ensure that you are able to implement what you learn.

What You Will Learn in 30 Days

In phase one you will learn how to quickly put into place your list building platform and learn a low free and low cost method of building and monetizing your list.

Here is a list of is covered in the first 30 days:

Day 01.) Your Squeeze Page and Auto Responder

Day 02.) How to Turn $25 into $240k

Day 03.) Picking Your SLO

Day 04.) Start Sending Traffic

Day 05.) Monitor Results… Rinse and Repeat

Day 06.) Your Free Website

Day 07.) Recap, Hints and Your Email Newsletter

Day 08.) Paid Solo Ads

Day 09.) Big, List, Co-Ops, List Brokers and More

Day 10.) Ad Swaps

Day 11.) Your Bag of Email Tricks

Day 12.) What Do You Send To Your New List?

Day 13.) The 3 C’s

Day 14.) The Power of Story

Day 15.) The Review Website

Day 16.) One-site SEO

Day 17.) Off-site SEO

Day 18.) Links to the Links

Day 19.) Launch Piggy Backing

Day 20.) Organic Growth

Day 21.) The Smack Down

Day 22.) Day 22

Day 23.) Your Landing Page

Day 24.) Your Signature File

Day 25.) Providing Value

Day 26.) Creating Your System

Day 27.) Cool Forum Tricks

Day 28.) Message from Your Mentor

Day 29.) I’m Gonna Show You

Day 30.) The Next 30 Days

Based on what I have learned over the past 30 days, I have created three additional income streams by plugging the recommended SLOs into the traffic system as taught and it works virtually on auto-pilot which you will learn in the training. In addition to the direct sales generated from the SLOs I also have added a few dozen new subscribers to my subscriber in AWeber, which I will send additional offers over time.

How to Get Started and Join the Challenge

Joining the challenge is simple and cost just $1 or the first 30 days in the program and I will add one special bonus as your accountability partner.

To join the challenge click here:

Once you have joined send an email to me at: or Skype: jamesholmesonline. Send me a note letting me know you have joined and ask to be included on my ‘accountability partners list‘ and you will be contacted by me personally.

My results have been tremendous and I allowed my subscription to renew now that I have completed the 30 day trial. I have successfully implemented the training, made money selling the SLOs, made money as an affiliate of Dot Com Secrets X, and I have added 2nd tier affiliate to the program as a great bonus. I am eager to learn what is in store over the next 30 days and I will add an additional post once completed.

I am here to help you succeed and sharing the coaching, resources, and tools that I identify for my business and have been able to prove they are effectiveness and work. Please be sure to post your comments below and share your thoughts or questions.

Have a blessed day!

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