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My 2 Year Anniversary as a Member of Worldprofit with Lessons Learned and Recommendations

Today is my 2nd Year Anniversary as a Platinum Member at Worldprofit

I joined Worldprofit as a Platinum Member on May 10, 2010 and have enjoyed every day of my journey fully engaging with this community and it’s founders. This morning I was volunteering in Worldprofit’s Live Business Center with Dr. Jeffrey Lant the companies CEO. While having a little fun bantering with Dr. Lant I realized that today was in fact my anniversary date marking my second year at Worldprofit… it has gone by very fast.

Dr. Lant asked me to share with the more than 200 prospects visiting the site what I had learned during my first two years. As I thought about his question I realized that the answer would take hours to complete, so I opted to share one key principle or topic from lessons learned from each of the three company founders. I thought it would be fitting to share my thoughts with you here in order to pass these lessons on to you and add value to help you grow your business.

Lessons from Dr. Jeffey Lant, CEO and Co-Founder

I shared two key lessons learned through mentor-ship from Dr. Lant. When I first joined worldprofit and began volunteering in the live business center I was highly sympathetic to people who claimed they wanted to join our community, yet insisted that they were only interested in ‘”free programs,” guaranteed programs, or programs with zero risk. In addition, there was another category of prospects that were self proclaimed broke or broke minded. In any case, I would sympathize and try to reason with these guest.

Dr. Lant is somewhat famous for having a lack of patience as I chronicled in a blog post published in 2010 titled “Dr. Jeffrey Lant Is An Acquired Taste But Not A Scam Artist”. In this article which Dr. Lant chides me about to this day, I gave my impressions from the perspective from a paying member of Worldprofit. My review of Dr. Lant in this post was fair and balanced based on the comments posted by my readers and my own perspective. The key points shared through the article later served as a gateway to many valuable lessons.

I have spent hundreds of hours working directly with Dr. Lant and  I consider him to be a personal mentor. He has taught me how to distinguish between people who sincerely are seeking training and assistance making money online from those merely looking to get rich quick with no financial investment or personal effort. This has been critical to my success both in building with Worldprofit as well as within my other online businesses.

What was the lesson? Do not enable people in their false belief that they are unable to succeed online by providing self-limiting beliefs and skepticism an audience. The key is to empower people take calculated risk, to invest cautiously in themselves, and earn the right to enjoy financial success and time freedom online. Based on what I have learned, I feel that I am a more effective mentor and better able to duplicate the success I have enjoyed for the benefit of the people I work with online.

Lessons from Sandi Hunter, President and Co-Founder

Among the three co-founders Sandi Hunter is very much behind the scenes and although her on camera involvement is limited, her impact on the company is extremely valuable. In addition to her corporate duties as President, Sandi oversee the design team as well as member support. I remember the first time I met Sandi through the magic of the live business center (LBC). What impressed me most was her sincerity and obvious ‘heart felt’ desire to serve the members of our community. The occasion was a tribute arranged by Dr. Lant causing Sandi to reluctantly claim the spotlight for an hour in the LBC.

During the initial session, one additional live meeting, and numerous engagements through the support desk, I have taken note of Sandi’s core tenets in her approach to customer service. Sandi combines her unique gift for communicating solutions with a sense of practicality that provides the maximum value to for members with the least among of effort expended in ‘back and forth’ communications… there is an efficiency that creates satisfaction.

What is the lesson? Though my interactions with Sandi in the support function and even more through observing what she says and does, I have formed a whole new perspective of how to serve my own members at S.W.A.T. Traffic and the other membership sites I own and operate. I now see the job of customer service as a dual effort to serve our members as well as to protect our reputation in the marketplace.

Lessons from George Kosch, Technology Chief, Bootcamp Instructor and Co-Founder

George Kosch has changed my businesses outside of Worldprofit in a number of meaningful ways. I would even go as far as to say that my business wouldn’t be what it is today without the influence of George and his passion for automation. Through Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp, George teaches weekly on the most cutting edge tools, resources, and business concepts in a hands on manner for all dealers. I embraced this training fully and took massive action on everything I learned… I became absolutely committed to building businesses that modeled automation and viral website traffic.

Through my interactions with George Kosch, I have learned the skill-set required to properly develop and operate automated sales funnels, traffic systems, and membership sites. Beyond the automation platform and traffic systems, I have incorporated private label rights products, promo codes, and live video broadcasting into my businesses… all based on George’s training.

What is the lesson? During the past two years I have acquired two major traffic exchanges, one second tier traffic exchange, launched three new text ad exchanges and multiple membership sites and blogs. Worldprofit is not responsible for these businesses; however, the combined knowledge George Kosch has shared with me and the resources provided to me as a Platinum Member of Worldprofit has made many of these accomplishments possible. Clearly I have much to be grateful for based on our association.

Summary of my first two years journey

When I decided to become a paying member of Worldprofit, my expectations centered around gaining traffic resources and tools along with the ability to improve my search engine results with their automated tools. In reality, I have gained much more as the size and scale of the Silver and Platinum Packages (memberships) continues to grow. The influence of Dr. Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch has permanently changed the way I view online business and innovation. I couldn’t have anticipated what has been gained and how much my business has grown.

I am excited to see what the next twelve months have in store and how the web will evolve. The Internet is always evolving and aligning yourself with innovated people with the means to adapt to and benefit from the web’s evolution.

If you would like to claim a free membership to Worldprofit in order to evaluate the company and measure your goals, simple sign up at the following link:

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My goal is to help my readers grow as entrepreneurs in order to achieve their life goals. I will always share what is working in my business on my blogs and encourage you to take action on what you learn here. Please feel free to contact me directly if you are serious about creating success online and believe that I can help you.

Have a blessed day!

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