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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

MLM Mastermind Training Plus 200 Leads a Day Formula

Robert Blackman is on a mission to end lead poverty

Loyalty is high on my list of values and as a result I have enjoyed many long-term relationships in business. One of my longest standing in the home based business industry is with Robert Blackman the owner  of Profit Leads, Inc. I began purchasing leads from Robert in 2008 and although Profit Leads is not the only source where I acquire quality opportunity seeker and networker leads, it is among my most highly recommended because Robert makes it easy and cost effective to recruit new members daily.

The Profit Leads program has been completely revised to address the biggest problem in network marketing and direct sales… lead poverty! The great majority of network marketers do not have enough leads coming in to grow their businesses and create significant incomes. Every business builder who has the desire to make 3 to 5 quality daily presentations for their business to qualified prospects should take action on this three part formula for recruiting success.

Part I: Sign Up for a $1 Trail for Robert Blackman’s MLM Mastery Course

Many people fail to recruit new members in their businesses every month due to not having a system that identifies and per-qualifies new prospects everyday. Understanding the fundamental skills required to recruit new members into your business are learned skills and not natural for most people. Robert Blackman has shared more then 25 years of experience in his 24 CD course designed to teach you what you need to learn to thrive in the home-based business industry.

The MLM Mastery Course of 24 CDs covers these topics:

01. How You Can Make Money by Giving Away Free Sample
02. Doing the MLM Math
03. Affiliate Marketing Training
04. The Three Ways to Build Your Downline
05. How to Close 25% of the Prospects You Talk To
06. How to Build Your Downline Using Low-Cost Post Cards
07. Direct Mail Teleseminar
08. How to Get Your Emails Delivered
09. Internet Workshop
10. Google Secrets to FREE Listings
11. 22 Misconceptions About Network Marketing
12. Your Life Equals What You Believe
13. How I Went From Bankruptcy in 1990 to $100,000 in 1995 Through Network Marketing
14. How One Full Page Ad Changed My Life Forever
15. How I Built a Downline of 2,000 People In Only 9 Months
16. The 10 Most Common MLM Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
17. How to Build a Downline and Keep it
18. How to Make a Million Dollars in Network Marketing
19. How to 100% Absolutely Guarantee That You Make Money In Network Marketing Part 1
20. How to 100% Absolutely Guarantee That You Make Money In Network Marketing Part 2
21. Managing Multiple Streams of Income / How to Select the Right Company, Product. Service, and Sponsor
22. Discover the Secrets of 100% Guaranteeing the Every Ad You Place Makes Money
23. How to Find Eager Prospects / Using Direct Mail to Sponsor / How to Use The Telephone To Build Your Downline
24. Putting it All Together and Staying Motivated / 10 Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The 19 Chapter, 158 Page e-book covers these topics:

01. Choose the right product or service
02. Use the phone effectively
03. Sponsor people locally
04. Find the cream of the crop, sponsor them and help them duplicate you
05. Telephone Tips
06. How & where to advertise for the maximum response
07. Reach 100,000 prospects for only $69.95
08. The first question you should ask every prospect
09. Build wide for profitability
10. Recruit strictly over the phone/fax
11. Write winning sales letters
12. Put over 2,000 people in your downline–in only one year
13. Use free samples to triple your response
14. Turn a big flat “NO” into a “YES”
15. Build your second income without jeopardizing your “day job”
16. Treat your group as a national sales force and help them set monthly quotas
17. Retail your way to riches
18. Maintain your downline and insure your monthly residual income
19. Build a residual income for you and your family using “pockets of time”–usually five to ten hours a week

Here is a summary what you get access to with your $1 seven day trial:

  1. MLM Mastery Course (24 CDs)
  2. 158 page, 19 chapter e-book
  3. Workshop DVD video featuring 58 minutes of expert training
  4. Free 60-Minute Free Phone Consultation with Robert Blackman
  5. Free Replicated Website pays you affiliate commissions

To Learn More and Order Your Mastery Course Go Here: MLM Mastermind Training

Part II: Subscribe for Your 200 Leads Per Day Account:

Having the proper knowledge is essential and once you complete the MLM Mastery Course you will know exactly how to grow your business consistently and systematically. In order to take action on what you learn requires daily prospects. There are three ways that you can achieve this… you can create them, you can buy them, or you can do both. I recommend you do both in order to consistently grow your business.

Robert Blackman’s Profit Leads program delivers 6,000 leads per month delivered a the rate of 200 leads each day. This gives you a steady stream of qualified leads to work with everyday and identify 3 to 5 action takers that you will enroll into your business. The mastery course will teach you how to convert leads into sales, so this represents a turnkey system to help you succeed.

You account includes a member’s back-office where you will log in every day to access your new leads. Based on the methods that you will learn you will use the autoreponder included in your account or other means of communication to contact and expose your prospects to your business opportunity. This is the missing piece of the puzzle for most of those who struggle to make money from home.

To Learn More and Order Your Profit Leads Go Here:  MLM Profit Leads

Part III: Take Action!

The simple truth is that all of the great opportunities and turnkey marketing systems in the world cannot benefit you and your business without putting action behind what you learn. The primary reason I chose to share this tremendous package with you today is directly tied to my desire to help others succeed by duplicating what I have done to enjoy success.

Regardless of what program you are promoting, gaining the proper knowledge and having the tools required to benefit from this knowledge is the key to your success. The formula is simple, expose your business to 3 to 5 qualified prospects and teach them to do the same thing. If you can master this skill-set, your income and business success if virtually guaranteed.

Who is Robert Blackman?

As the creator of MLM Mastermind and Profit Leads, Inc. Robert Blackman has helped thousands of networkers create successful home based businesses. Robert’s success has been built on the “old school” basics of recruiting to many of the leading direct sales and network marketing companies.  They key is that he has figured out how to help people overcome the two biggest reasons for failure… lead poverty and poor retention. He has consulted with many of the biggest names in the industry and enjoys the loyal following among many company leaders.

I am here to help you build a sustainable business and invite you to share your feedback or post your questions below. This training and lead package has helped me and thousands of entrepreneurs breakthrough to substantial incomes and I trust the same will occur for you.

Have a blessed day!

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