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Mike Purvis “The Traffic Button” Site Review

Today, Mike Purvis launched another in a stellar series of sites he has created following upon his success with the List Auction, Viral Ad Store, and Traffic Zipper. This site is designed to assist anyone interested in list building to quickly get up and running using a set of free resources.

The Traffic Button website and associated set of free reports is more than a checklist of resources. Mike Purvis includes an option for you to obtain a extensive over the shoulder training video where is starts from scratch and sets up the entire system as you watch and follow his instructions.

Here is my Audio Review of The Traffic Button

To claim your free membership to Mike Purvis’ “The Traffic Button go to:

My Free Traffic Button

The training and viral reports have been divided into three modules as follows:

Module #1: Secret Little Known Traffic Source

  • Listbuilding Secrets – 5 Favorite Sites with Tracking
  • How to achieve like the top 1%

Module #2: The Traffic Automation Report with Systems to Use it Hands Free

  • Traffic Automation System Use and Best Practices
  • Exclusive Bonuses to Get You Started

Module #3: How to Build a List in 60 Minutes (Over the shoulder)

  • One hour Master Class Conducted by Mike Purvis
  • Demonstration of Resources and a Surprise

Please be sure to post your comments after listening to this review and let me know what lessons you take away. Then take action upon what you learn and let me know if I can help you in anyway. The proper use of viral marketing and the types of sites revealed in the reports can deliver an avalanche of targeted traffic.

I am here to help you succeed!

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