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Marketing Lab Review: Helping You Solve Your Biggest Problem

Marketing Lab ReviewIndependent Marketing Lab Review. Creating a new income generating sales funnel is not hard but it does require that you follow a formula that actually works. Today I want to share a brilliant new membership site called Marketing Lab and I believe this site can provide you with expert training and actual case studies detailing how digital entrepreneurs are making money online and building truly sustainable businesses.

One of the most common reasons why people fail to make significant income online is the result of not investing enough time leaning how to drive traffic, build a subscriber list, and convert qualified prospects into buyers. The content inside of Marketing Lab solves this problem.

Lead Poverty is a Major Concern

If you have been online marketing a product, service, or business opportunity for more than 90 days and you are not making money, I would conclude that you are not driving enough traffic and therefore you are not getting enough leads. The result is your business is slowly being starved and suffering from lead poverty.

You don’t have to accept struggling to make sales or enrolling associates because of a lack of leads, you can do what all professionals do… get a quality education.

What is Marketing Lab?

Marketing Lab is a membership site and community dedicated to teaching you expert step by expert step exactly how to create and monetize sales funnels and/or drive traffic to your existing landing pages and other websites.

The founder of Marketing Lab is Kim Roch a full-time Internet marketer and product creation genius who has built both time freedom and financial independence working online from her home. Like me Kim believes in the ‘work hard play harder mantra,’ which means that she has the freedom to pursue her passion for running… for me it is cycling!

What Do You Get with Your Membership?

Here is my Marketing Lab review including many of the features. The Marketing Lab is set up in a very logical video and live webinar driven format with curriculum designed to teach you what you need to know to quickly become profitable online and to build a lasting business.

Marketing Labs Review

Module One Foundation: Includes squeeze page design, creating your lead magnet, conversion formulas, building your blog, testing and tracking.

Module Two Traffic: Includes content syndication, forum marketing, Facebook Ads, podcasting, and partnerships.

Module Three Advanced Traffic: Includes SEO science, five dollar traffic (brilliant), marketplace traffic, underground traffic, and traffic swaps.

Module Four Email Marketing: Includes email marketing, subject lines, 4-Day profit niche formula, money multipliers, and your 30 day blitz.

Community: A forum and platform to connect with other marketers in a powerful way.

Case Studies: Real world case studies which take you inside of many businesses and show you exactly how people are making money everyday and you can too.

Behind The Scenes: Understanding the Marketing Lab business model and how you can make an income as an affiliate partner.

Rolodex: One of the keys to being successful building any business is uncovering the tools and resources required to thrive in your business. Here is the Rolodex you need to complete your business vision.

Webinars: Learn how to grow an existing business by 10x or launch your dream business in 2014. In addition to having access to live webinars there is also an archive of past webinar sessions.

Checklist Archive: Blog promotion checklist, blogger outreach emails, membership checklist, and more.

Interview Archive: Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while many of the most successful marketers online are interviewed by an expert? That is what this archive provides for you.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

I have been working full-time online since 2009 and although I have a deep understanding of how to drive traffic and in fact own multiple traffic websites, I still found tremendous value in becoming a member of Marketing Lab.

I recommend taking advantage of my VIP Members Access to Marketing Lab for a 14 day trial for only $1 by clicking here: Marketing Lab 14 Day Trial

Actually log in to the marketing dashboard and gain full access to the traffic case studies, split-test results, new marketing sources and more. Once you have gained this valuable knowledge implement it and then evaluate your results in order to see if remaining a member is right for you. I think you will find this site to be a huge piece of the puzzle and lead to more success!

I trust that my Marketing Lab review helped you see the value of learning how to drive traffic using this platform. I am here to help you succeed and sharing the best training, resources, and tools is one key to fulfilling my intention to help my readers break through.

Have a blessed day!

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