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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

List Building Mastery: Give Yourself A Raise Anytime You Want One

If you earn  $51,413 a year (the median income in the USA) and obtain a 5% annual raise your increase breaks down to $214.22 per month in additional income. Most people would be thrilled with this outcome and consider this increase meaningful income. Once you have mastered list building, you will be able to give yourself a raise at will in both small and large amounts daily.

Building a responsive email list is just like mining for diamonds and once you have done the work, broken through and secured your jewels you can enjoy the rewards for years to come and greatly enrich your life.

Last Saturday evening, I was spending a little time cleaning up my in box and checking the status of my affiliate promotions. I noted that I was nicely placed in second position for the JV Affiliate Contest at ‘Super Sonic Traffic‘ and with a nice cash prize there for the taking… I wrote a simple email that added value for my list by introducing my list to Gary Calvert, II’s, new exchange along with a nice bonus.

JV Contest Results Page from Super Sonic Traffic

I invested thirty minutes crafting the email and distributing it to my list. Then, I sat back and watched my tracking statistics as I moved from second to first in the contest adding $400 to my bank account.

The key to winning this contest was not sending my 12th hour email to my list; the key was consistently promoting the site in keeping with my commitment as a JV Partner which perfectly positioned me to emerge as the winner with a final push to close out the contest. My point is that list building isn’t the only key ingredient to online success, but at the end of the day it can make a huge difference in your results.

I won $400… why should you care?

There is a valuable lesson here for you based on my experience promoting websites and programs I believe in as an affiliate marketer or JV Partner.

I have been teaching list building for years and I have often spoke about monetizing your list by making high value offers with consistency, which results in a refined list of loyal buyers allowing you to accomplish two major objectives.

First, you can add value to your list members by sharing products, services and ideas you believe in. Second, you have the ability to give yourself a raise in income daily if you choose which empowers you to grow your bank account literally on demand.

How do you give yourself a daily raise?

Start by building a list. I was lucky to be taught about list building early in my online career, as a result one of the first task I accomplished was setting up a process to effectively build a subscriber list.

Step #1. Get an auto-responder account with a reputable company that is designed to serve the Internet marketing community.

I recommend Aweber: Free Aweber Test Drive

Once you have signed up for the Aweber Free Test Drive, send an email to me at: and I will help you get your list set up and provide you with your first follow up email series.

Step #2. Provide your potential subscribers with a ‘subscriber bonus gift’ to encourage them to opt into your list. You will be able to add a signup form to your websites and blog as provided by Aweber. I will send you instructions on how to easily do this.

Step #3. Create several follow up messages so that you can communicate with your new subscribers every 1 to 3 days and be sure to provide value with every message. Make high value offers for your subscribers to consider every fifth message.

Effective list building is not hard, but you do need to follow each specific step and be consistent in emailing your list. Most importantly, treat your subscribers like gold and those who have purchased from you like platinum.

It is not necessary to have a massive list, the size of your list less important than the quality of your list and the relationship you have with your subscribers. Focus on adding value and grow your list by ten or more each day and you will quickly be on your way to creating one of the most valuable assets in your business… your list.

The topic of list building is huge and I have many resources to help you get started or to grow your present list. A great place to start is my e-book ‘Build a Subscriber List,’ which will provide you with a road map and a few insider secret to help you build a responsive list.

Feel free to post a comment or biggest list building questions below. I appreciate you for making time to read my blog.

Have a blessed day!

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