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Kiva Provides You with a Gift to Change Lives Around the World

I wish that I was sitting across from you instead of writing this blog post because it would be much easier to convey my enthusiasm for Kiva personally, since that is not possible I am writing this post.

My friend and fellow marketer Tissa Godavitarne caused me to really take a close look at Kiva and their micro-lending program for the first time. A little over a year ago I participated in a 6 day marathon over at my S.W.A.T. Conference and we discussed Kiva every singe hour… for some reason I did not fully understand how powerful and life changing mission of Kiva.

When Tissa posted about Kiva on Facebook I guess my heart and mind was open to discovering a new way to fulfill my personal mission:

“To sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance.” – James Holmes

And so, I clicked on the link Tissa provided and my journey as a supporter of Kiva began. As I write this I have made six loans to borrowers in Ecuador, Benin, Philippines, Mexico, and Kenya. I have been focusing on entrepreneurs in farming and agriculture.

What is Kiva?

In this short video you will gain a sense of the essence of Kiva’s work and how they empower entrepreneurship thereby striking a blow against poverty.


Click to Join Kiva for Free

What is Micro Finance and How Does it Work?

In this short video you will an understanding of what micro-finance is and how it works. Once you understand the simplicity of the concept you too will become empowered to change lives $25 at a time.


Join Free and Receive a $25 Credit to Make Your First Loan

My Public Declaration

I would like to share a personal declaration with you as my readers and I would love for you to keep me accountable to my funding goal as a Kiva lender. I am going to declare it here, sign my name to it and focus on making it a reality.

“I declare that I will make 1,000 micro-finance loans to worthy recipients who are solo-prenueurs and entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva. I will make 1,000 micro-finance loans over the next 24 months.” – James Holmes

James Holmes First Six Kiva Loan Recipients

My start as a member of Kiva was simple as it all began with an invitation to participate in their current membership promotion which allows you to join for free, receive an instant $25 credit and immediately lend that money out to understand how it all works. I would like to invite you to do the same.

How You Can Get Involved for Free Today

Getting started is easy and you can take advantage of the same new member promotion that I did by clicking here and signing up for your free account. Once you have joined your account will instantly be credited $25 which you can immediately lend out to the recipient of your choice.

Once you have selected an entrepreneur to fund, I will be notified by Kiva and I will add leverage to your loan by making an additional loan to the same recipient as my way of thanking you for getting involved.

Final Thoughts

The power to improve the world economy and alleviate poverty for millions of people around the world lies in the hands of entrepreneurs and the practice of entrepreneurship. It is a call to capitalism for sure, but it is also a call to compassionate servant leadership as part of the world community. You have heard it said “to whom much is given much is required” and this is an essential truth.

Entrepreneurs are rewarded as an outcome of the problems we solve and/or the value we provide to the marketplace. Take action on this and you will be one step closer to creating a harmonious business environment and the feel good factor will simply turn you on!

Please feel free to post a comment and share your thoughts. I am here to help you success and invite you to connect with me and let me know how I can make a difference in your life.

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  • Tissa Godavitarne

    James, I’m so thrilled – and grateful – that Kiva has resonated with you! For me as well, it has been a natural extension of my personal belief that the path to success is lined with good deeds for others. This is something which permeates my business philosophies as well, and I know it’s the same for you. I love your ‘Public Declaration’ and I’m going to hold you to that! I’ll do my best to keep up with you :)

  • Dwight Wallace

    Great overview of the process. Kiva is a beneficial organization which has helped so many realize their dream and begin the path to financial independence.

  • Tony Tezak

    James, So glad to see you being involved with Kiva. I love it because it is not people looking for a handout, but looking for a boost to their small business. I have never had a Kiva loan not paid back. Cheers! Tony ST-24 BST-14

  • CedReynolds

    What a cool idea. I joined Kiva a while back and hadn’t done much with it. This article has inspired me to get involved and get some of my friends involved as well. There new promotion is sure to get people to get involved. SWAT24588

  • Nancy Radlinger

    Great post James and also great program and love what they are doing. Thanks for sharing and loved the web conference tonight – thanks

    Nancy swt 12619 bst 1632

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Nancy – Thank you for always lending your support and wisdom to the S.W.A.T. Conference. I appreciate the value you provide to the community in total.

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Hey Ced – I am so glad you attended S.W.A.T. Conference last night… it is always good to connect with you. Similar experience in that I heard about Kiva over a year ago but as I mentioned in the post, I am grateful to have been introduced a second time.

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Tony – I love your comment which is true… these are people looking for an alternative to traditional financing sources in order to improve their businesses. The repayment rate is 98.97% which any banker or investor would find acceptable. Thank you for all of your support.

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Dwight – Thank you for your comment and even more for always being an active participant is the S.W.A.T. Conference. I really love the Kiva mission because as I said last night, I believe the answer to the world economy is free and open markets and entrepreneurship. I really appreciate it!

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Tissa – Kiva has won me over, so I am committed to make it the cornerstone of my support activities related to my business. I wanted to give myself a big target to make it a little scary… that approach always works well for me. If I can achieve the goal of providing that many loans it will mean that thousands are impacted. We shall see and I really do appreciate your leadership in this and expressions of support.