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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Do You Want to Sponsor or Recruit James Holmes?

Have you discovered one of my websites? are one of 60,000 people who belong to one of my membership sites? Are on my auto-responder list? Perhaps you are one of the thousands of people connected with me through social networks? The bottom line is you are on this page because you want to sponsor me into your business correct?

That is cool because I am open to adding additional income steams to my sales funnel because I believe you can never have too many income streams as long as they are efficiently managed and profitable.

After more than five years working full-time online and thirty years as an entrepreneur with a big ass list, I have come to recognize the value that I can bring for your business and your company by helping you leverage my experience, recruiting ability and most important of all my responsive list.

If you are looking to add more than 50 new first level (tier) and more than 100 new second level (tier) recruits to your downline in the next 6 to 12 months please keep reading. If you are looking to get my credit card information to “enroll me” for a fast start bonus… I am not your guy, but thank you for stopping by anyway.

Its Time to Think Like a Real Businessman

I am looking for business minded professionals in the network marketing, direct sales, and affiliate marketing professions that understand the value of joint ventures and leverage, which can produce equitable value for all parties involved. I am looking for a dedicated partner, a great company, superior products and high value services. What are you looking for?

Here Is What You Can Expect From Me

#1. I control a ton of targeted traffic through a site network with more than 40 active sites and a double opt in membership site database of more than 60,000 (double opt in) real people. Many of my members pay a subscription to be part of my sites.

Through my site network, I can deliver tens of thousand of hits every day to a targeted market of entrepreneurs, home business opportunity seekers, and self-development seekers in 7 specific niches.

#2. I communicate with thousands of people every week through live webcast, recorded webinars, podcast, email campaigns and direct one on one coaching every week. My audience is comprised of business owners and marketers at all experience levels. They key is that I attract and work with action oriented people.

#3. I have a proven track record as a successful recruiter to network marketing and direct sales opportunities. Here is a partial list of my recruiting results from a few of the programs I have built as of March 20, 2013.

Agel Enterprises – Personally recruited 48 front-line and built a team of more than 230 members, personally rank advancing three times in less than one year.

Your Net Biz – Personally recruiting multiple members to this top-tier direct sales program with an initial investment of $2,995.

Worldprofit – Personally recruited more than 400 front-line associates in three years. (Still actively building my team growth rate is 15 to 20 new front-line associates each month)

iWoWe – Personally recruited 23 front-line (in 9 days) and built a team of 123 members in less than 30 days.

MCA/TVC РPersonally recruited 125  front-line associates and built a team of 297 members in less than 9 months. (Still actively building my team growth rate is 3 to 5 new front-line each week )

Affiliate Content – I have won and finished in the top 10 of dozens of affiliate launches

There are several additional programs that I have recruited to successfully in addition to dozen of affiliate programs.

#4. I am an expert at building automated sales funnels and enroll new members into my teams and/or on auto-pilot every week. Wouldn’t it be nice if several of these members where falling into your downline?

I will build the funnels and authority site for every program that I agree to promote and build.

#5. I am passionate about training my members. I currently conduct 3 weekly workshops for members of my programs and downlines. My training is positioned as training in addition to what the company provides, not in place of what the company provides. Would leveraging my training as added value to your team benefit you?

 Here Is What I Expect From You

The truth is that you likely could not afford to actually pay for my traffic and training every week to build your business unless you were already earning a significant six figure income. Access to my traffic, sales funnels, and training is my value proposition for you.

On the other hand, it doesn’t make any sense for me to actually pay you or your company to explore the potential for helping you build your business with zero risk on your end. That is clearly not a win win relationship nor does it spread the business risk. Therefore, I am prepared to deliver the traffic, sales funnels and training and you must be prepared to deliver the program to me.

#1. I do not promote any product or service that I am not currently using in my business or haven’t at least tried. This means you will need to provide samples if you are proposing a product or complete member access if you are proposing a service.

#2. You will have to buy me into the program assuming we agree to work together. If you do not have enough confidence in your program or our working relationship to make the upfront investment why should I? Remember, you are attempting to recruit me.

I will be responsible for all future auto-ships or reoccurring service fees that apply.

#3. You will have to commit to an agreed upon plan with measurable goals which will allow us to determine the success of our partnership as we build together. By agreeing in advance, we can both be assured along with your upline that we are fairly evaluating our progress.

What Can You Expect Once We Get Started?

Once we have made a decision to work together and I have an active account, I will construct the sales funnels, build an authority site, and implement your program into my daily traffic and marketing process.

We will sit down and put together our action plan to include the sales funnel, traffic pillars, leads list, recruiting and customer goals.

My goal is always to enroll enough people in the first 20 days to cover the highest recommended level of auto-ship or service upgrade as a first goal.

You will be able to invite other lines and members in your team to my weekly trainings and other resources as deemed to be helpful for the team as a whole.

Are You Ready To Recruit Me?

If you are ready to put together a true business partnership simply contact me directly using one of the methods note below.

I am a full-time Internet entrepreneur interested in development real business relationships with like-minded people. I will evaluate your opportunity and proposal using the same professional standards I have used during the past 30 years as a businessman and passionate entrepreneur.

Although the process that I have shared with you here may be completely contrary to what you might have anticipated, I think you have to agree that it is fair as it acknowledges our mutual value in a fair way and creates a ‘real business’ environment for us to operate in successfully.

If you are serious about recruiting me I look forward to hearing from you. If you are focused on just getting another person into your business I assume this will not be for you and I will simply wish you success on your journey and thank you for making time to read my webpage.

I am here to help you succeed, please let me know how I can add value for you.

Have a blessed day!


Skype: jamesholmesonline


Phone: 303-523-9503