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Joint Venture

I appreciate your interest in establishing a Joint Venture Relationship with me because I love partnering with like minded entrepreneurs in a mutually beneficial relationship. I operate a “high value, high touch” business funnel and invest a lot of time and energy into my joint venture relationships which is why I have become successful at ensuring that my participation is meaningful. There are a tremendous number of products and services to market  and to participate in joint promotional campaigns that it is impossible to work with them all.

My goal is to add massive value for both my JV partners, subscribers, and followers.  To ensure success I would ask that you take a few steps to ensure that we are a great fit and that your opportunity is pre-qualified based on the criteria I have set out. I am seeking highly motivated, passionate entrepreneurs, dedicated to their projects and to their relationships.

Ready to Partner with Me?Are Ready to Partner with Me?

Criteria One: I need to have access to your product. This is what I call the “Integrity Agreement” … between my subscribers, followers and me. I cannot recommend a product or service creditably without checking it out to ensure that it delivers great value for the customer. This is a non-negotiable point.

Criteria Two: There must be a demand for your product and/or you as the creator of the product. I only market products and services that are congruent with my market and niches – it is essential that we achieve a message to market match. If you are introducing a brand new concept, it will be important that you have an established online presence and can be viewed as an expert on the given topic.

Criteria Three: There must be equitable exposure. If our joint venture involves an ad swap or other cross promotions, there must be equality in the audience reach. I have been very successful working with people with small but responsive list, so this is not just about list size. This is a tricky one and is usually negotiated as part of the JV partnership conversation and planning.

This represents my basic criteria and there is always room to discuss how to establish a successful partnership when the desire is strong enough. So, if you are interested in partnering with me feel free to contact me and let’s see what can be worked out.

To submit a joint venture proposal or request an affiliate arrangement, submit a support ticket at my help desk the Internet Entrepreneurs Support website and I will personally address your project. I will be interested in knowing the details of your project, launch schedule, access to the product, and why you feel this will be a mutually beneficial venture. Submission of this material does not guarantee that we will partner, but I look forward to having an opportunity to consider how to help you succeed with your project.

Have a blessed day and I am looking forward to meeting you!

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  • Richard Rivas

    Love what I’ve read about you. May God continue to bless you and all who seek him.