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James Holmes is Offering Free Private Consultations for Home Business Entrepreneurs

James Holmes Your Net Biz Blueprint CoachI speak to a variety of people every day who are for the first time making what I call the transition from what I call “from E to E,” which means moving from “employee to entrepreneur. “This transition is largely mental and emotional, which is the reason why two people can be presented with the same opportunity and tools yet experience very different results. I have been able to help a number of people recognize a few simple principles and offer strategies to help them overcome limiting beliefs, mis-conceptions, and successfully make the transition into entrepreneurship.

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James Holmes Private Coaching

The economy has created an environment where many honest hard working people have found themselves displaced due to layoffs, business closures, and other causes beyond their control. As a result there are literally tens of thousands of people entering into the Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Professions. I have the privilege of helping many of these individuals build their businesses and dramatically shorten their learning curve.

This week I conducted a number of podcast sessions on the topic of creating a properly structured business funnel and funded proposal. If you would like to hear recordings of these sessions visit

The follow up conversations to this series have been interesting and I have decided to extend an opportunity for a greater number of people to engage in the conversation and I have assembled a package of free resources that I will provide to every person with whom I conduct a private coaching session. I am interested in speaking with Internet Marketers and Network Marketers who have had limited or no success in their business, and those who are new to the profession.

I am particularly interested in speaking with displaced executives or those interested in transitioning from being employees in to part-time or full-time entrepreneurship. I believe that I can help you successfully transition into entrepreneurship.

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