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James Holmes Famous Author and Java Programmer

I was cleaning up my in-box today and came across a questions I get at least once per week; “excuse me, are you James Holmes who wrote all those great books on Java Programming?”  – this guy is pretty famous! So I decided to write a blog post about the other James Holmes and answer the question in advance for future visitors.

The other James Holmes is an authority on Java Web development and has authored many books on the subject. He is a committer on the Struts project, and the creator of the most popular Struts development tool, Struts Console. Additionally, Oracle Magazine named him “Java Developer of the Year” in 2002 for his work with the Struts framework and Oracle J-Developer.

The other James Holmes is an independent consultant who employs his expertise consulting for complex transactional environments  whose clients include ADP, Bank of America, IBM, and UPS. James also provides training and mentoring services in addition to his regular consulting and speaking engagements. Like me… the guy is busy!

Beyond a shared love of the Internet… James Holmes is an accomplished endurance athlete competing in adventure races as a member of the Enduraventure elite adventure racing team. James also competes in road bike and mountain bike races throughout the Southeastern United States. I didn’t know this and had to smile as I am an elite amateur cyclist and compete in road cycling events… perhaps our paths will cross on the road one day.

I am thinking about inviting James on as a guest on my Internet Business Blueprint podcast, I imagine we would have a wide range of topics to discuss. Stay tuned!

I wish for you every blessing on your success journey!

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