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James Holmes Answers Your Internet Marketing Questions IBB #03

What is the Best Home Based Business?

I have began a new series of short video trainings over at my Live Stream channel at Today, I posted two extensive answers to a couple of great quesitons on the subject of establishing and marketing a home based business. I have posted a video recording of my reply here and I encourage you to take notes as I share a few critical success factors to ensure your success.

Here is the Question from Leslie, my visitor:

“What is the best home based business out there? A home based business with a low start up cost and be able to make a good living…no inventory to keep, no selling, using my computer.” – Leslie A
Here is Leslie’s Answer:

The is a little and occassional audio cracking in the first few minutes of the video… it is not your computer. 

I will be conducting this sessions on a weekly basis, so please feel free to submit your questions by visiting I am working on a continual live stream concept and in the meantime these sessions are not based on a set schedule. I will post to my social media network with a little advance notice prior to each session and will also make video recording available at my video channel.

I am here to help you succeed in business and life!

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