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Jaguar Alive Driving Experience Branding Lessons

I believe great marketing lessons are present everywhere if you simply open your mind to an awareness of business models, marketing strategies, and branding lessons in day to day experiences. You will be amazed by what you observe and learn by doing so.

I enjoyed a phenomenal event and learned a lot while participating in the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience in Denver over the past weekend. I was thoroughly impressed by how the staff from Jaguar presented this iconic British automotive brand by embracing their history and building a bridge to their amazing new technology and drive-ability of their cars. I came home and made several notes applied to my business and thought I would share a few branding lessons with you here.

I have always loved the elegance of Jaguar’s craft and despite their past reputation for unreliability during the ‘pre-Ford’ ownership era (Ford owned Jaguar from 1999 to 2008), my desire to own a Jaguar had long been on my list. I purchased my first Jaguar XJ6 in 2003 and enjoyed the experience of owning such a beautiful automobile, attending this unique event reintroduced the brand to me and caused me to consider buying a Jaguar in the future.

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience Engaged the Customer with the Brand

I call this one ‘The Lady in the French Blue Dress’ and she didn’t disappoint

Does event marketing work? It has been several since the conclusion of the event I am still sharing my experiences with friends and family as I carefully considering ways in which I can apply what I observed and participated in to improve my own branding messages and engage my customers and prospects in ways that are exciting and worthwhile.

I came up with a list of seven specific actions that any business owner or marketing professional can use to communicate a brand message both online and offline. The power behind the Jaguar event was that it was cross promoted with the full experience being delivered both online and offline. You can do this as well regardless of your niche, market, or size of your business.

Branding Lessons and Action Steps to Implement and Grow Your Brand

Lesson #1: Take stock of your brand values, assets, liabilities, and opportunities. Determine how you want to be known in your market and the value you present to the marketplace.

Lesson #2: Embrace your brand story (history) both your successes and failures (view your failures as stepping stones which helped to form your brand identity). Craft your history into a compelling story that reflects your brand today.

Lesson #3: Invite your customers and prospects to engage with your brand in creative ways which inspire interest and loyalty.

Lesson #4. Educate your customers and prospects on the key features and benefits of your products and services in an interactive way. This makes your brand tangible for your customers.

Lesson #5. Provide your customers with a free trail through samples and demonstrations that highlight the quality and value of your products and services.

Lesson #6. Request feedback from your customers which allows you to better match your brand value to your market wants and needs as well as foster a sense of ownership among your customers and prospects.

Lesson #7. Follow up with your customers after the demonstration, survey, or sale. By following through and adding continued value over time you will establish a long-term relationship to leverage the lifetime value of every customer.

If you act on the seven core tenets detailed here you can create a true ‘brand identity’ and develop a large group of ambassadors for your brand among your customers overtime. If done correctly you may positively influence those who do not buy from you yet still see the value in what you offer to the marketplace.

I want to thank my friend Margie Eatwell who made my participation in the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience possible and I encourage you to visit their website to see if an event is scheduled in your area. If so, I would encourage you to register and take part in the event. If you do attend, take note of the lessons shared here and fully engage in the event to make them real for you.

Here is the event website:

I am here to help you succeed and one way that I attempt to do so is sharing from my experiences along the path of inspired entrepreneurship. I hope this blog post provided value for you and I welcome your comments below.

Have a blessed day!

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