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iPhone or Droid? I Am Interested In Your Opinions

Maybe it is a karma thing or watch what you put out into the Universe thing or maybe it was just time for me to get off the fence and join the smart phone nation, regardless of the reason I am forced to buy a new cell phone – excuse me handheld device.

My daughters and I have been talking about upgraded to smart phones and the timeline was to be January 2011 – that was before I dumped a bottle of rubbing alcohol on my Blackberry and fried it! Since it really doesn’t make sense to buy another Blackberry only to replace it in a couple of months, I am going to take the plunge now and I need your help.

Making a tech move usually requires a little research in order to identify the best features, compare reliability and determine which platform and specific is best suited to my priorities. Sounds reasonable but I need a phone now, so I want to draw on the advice of my readers, followers and fellow techy marketers who have taken the plunge

What do you say… iPhone or Droid?

Do me a favor and leave a comment with your opinions, recommendations, stories, etc. I would love to take the readers digest crash course in smart phone research with your assistance here on my blog. For taking your time to share your thoughts, I will think of some really cool way to thank you … I’ll send you a free product, send you an audio or something like that.

Thank you in advance!

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