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Internet Marketing Professional Blog BHAG Site #1

Internet Marketing Professional Blog is Live!

 This is the first in a series of blog post… 30 in total which will detail my progress completing a Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which I detailed in a previous blog post. In short, I am creating one new website a day for thirty days and using this process as a teaching opportunity for you and a long-term value adding process for my customers, subscribers, and followers.

Site #1 is Internet Marketing Professional which is a WordPress blog centered on teaching others how to become a successful Internet marketers in the niche of affiliate marketing. This is a site that I acquired as a new project through Flippa from a very talented web designer. The teaching around this first project concerns how you can acquire and customize quality niche sites through Flippa and other auction websites.

I acquired the site and it was fully functional however all of the pages and post where generic so it was a blank canvas from a content and branding perspective. I was attracted to the graphics and the high converting Facebook Fan Page that provides a free course on video marketing in exchange for a “Like.” I highly recommend this list building method.

Here are 7 tips to enjoy superior results buying sites on Flippa:

1. Start with a purpose (what are you looking for?) and a budget (how much you can invest in the site)… be disciplined following both.

2. Carefully read the auction listings that meet your criteria and validate any claims made by the seller including income and traffic.

3. Don’t up bid yourself, wait until the day the auction closes to place your bid. If you draw attention to the site you are interested in by bidding multiple times over many days, you will draw the interest of other bidders and drive up the sale price.

4. Establish communication with the seller prior to bidding on the auction. Exchanging messages with the seller will give you a sense of how they will be to work with after you have won the auction.

5. Ask detailed questions prior to bidding and make sure all of your major points have been addressed. (tip: ask the seller to transfer the site hosting to your account).

6. Be prepared to act on a “buy now” auction if the instant purchase price is within 30% of your ideal price. If there are multiple bidders the site may sell for more than the “buy now” price.

7. Once you have successfully completed your transaction, let the seller know that you would like to preview sites prior to listing and be sure to “follow” the seller to be advised of future listings.

In this case the domain transfer and site transfer to my hosting account were done by the developer. This was not included in the auction, but was negotiated prior to the sale with the seller. The site had remained live and on hold prior to conceiving of the 30 day project.

 Here are the primary task I performed to complete this project:

1. Converted all affiliate links and advertising links on the site.

2. Installed additional plug-ins to add functionality and security for the site.

3. Upgraded WordPress version and scheduled automated weekly back-ups.

4. Restructured the page navigation and side bar widgets.

5. Created content for all of the site pages including my about page, contact page, a video training archive, and an embed of my web-conference room.

6. Created a subscriber list in AWeber to include follow welcome and follow up messages and added a subscriber web-form to all of the site pages.

7. Integrated my AWeber list with my primary social media profiles.

8. Added social media integration and advanced commenting using Disqus.

9. Added an RSS feed reader widget posting titles from my primary blog.

10. Added images and information settings to

There are two remaining steps that will be done as each site is completed; writing a blog post as I have done here and recording a podcast detailing each site and the scope of the project that day following it’s completion. This is truly one site down and twenty-nine site project to go!

Here is the completed site:

I am here to help you succeed online and create an Internet business which empowers you to accomplish your goals and objectives. If one or more of my projects sparks an idea for you or an interest in creating a similar project of your own, please feel free to connect with me and let me help you create a successful site or two of your own.

Have a blessed day!

230f7838ce3cae0635c29260bef6affc1 My Big Harry Audacious Birthday Month!

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James Holmes is a full-time Internet marketer focusing on viral traffic sites, membership sites, affiliate marketing. blogging, pod-casting, and more.  James teaches others how to develop business funnels that create multiple streams of income leveraging automated tools and resources. To request a free 30 minute consultation contact James by phone at 303-523-9503 or email at


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    You are a wealth of knowledge.  I’m looking forward to receiving more info and applying that which applies to my situation.


    Ced Reynolds

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    Hello Ced –

    Thank you for stopping by and for offer your compliment which is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to sharing more sites and steps in this process and welcome you back to my blog anytime.

    Have a blessed day!


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