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Internet Marketers Networking Event 2012 with Janet Legere

One Secret to Massive Internet Marketing Success is Live Events

I have spent countless hours under the mentor-ship of people who have created massive success online. As a result of an open minded attitude toward learning and most importantly taking action… I have been able to create a sustainable full-time income online. One of the reoccurring breakthrough moments experienced by many leading marketers who have mentored me occured when they attended live events.

Janet and Don Legere owners of Contact List Builder are hosting a live Internet Marketing conference in Calgary, Alberta Canada April 27th, 28th, 29th., 2012. During the event you will network with leading marketers who resonate  with Janet and Don’s caring approach to teach you the skills you need to succeed online. In addition, you will be blown away by the featured speaker Devlyn Steele, life coach and founder of Tools to Life.  Also on the agenda are James Stone co-owner of Prospect Geyser, Rob Gehring owner of Traffic Leads to Income, and Steve Gaghagan owner of Oneline Techniques.

Where will you learn?

  • How to jump start your home business success and eliminate the worry of your marketing efforts costing you money instead of earning it for you.
  • The “key” prospect building techniques that will bring you hungry buyers today with little or even no advertising budget.
  • How to “out-compete” your competitors by not competing with them.
  • The #1 hottest source of free prospects, and how tapping into it immediately could still be bringing you sales 20 years from now. (seriously)
  • The best way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, and have people begging to join your business or buy your products.

Why are live events important?

When you attend live events you accelerate your progress and business growth largely based on the true bond and friendship with the attendees of the event. Even more, you learn essential skills in a whole new way and ensure your growth with your newly formed alliances.

Attending live events can set into motion a chain of events that could transform your life forever… it has happended for countless others.

To Learn All of the Details Go Here: Calgary 2012

I am here to help you succeed in building your online business to gain knowledge from successful entrepreneurs and content experts allowing you to leverage their knowledge and experience to create your success.

Have a blessed weekend!

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