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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

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Please Review this Entire Page to Gain a Full Understanding of the Income Opportunities I Endorse and Why I have chosen them.

Have you ever been told that “a man who chases two rabbits catches none” When you thought about this phrase did you agree?… I couldn’t disagree more!

Here is what I know and have proven for more than four years as a full-time Internet marketer. “The man or woman who has a well thought out plan and the tools to make it work can catch hundreds or even thousands of rabbits with relative ease.” I teach people how to achieve this by leveraging automated sales funnels and viral traffic to generate multiple income streams online.

Why do I market multiple Income Streams?

I am not someone that markets a menagerie of in-congruent programs in random fashion – I market one big ticket program and a selection of single pay income programs to establish GPT (Get Paid Today) into my funnel. In addition, I market to create residual income through the MLM business model and I encourage you to do the same in your funnel. I am also a successful and avid affiliate marketer and participate in high quality programs that I recommend through my blogs, podcast, v-cast, and social networks.

I am an entrepreneur and professional Internet marketer. As such, I constantly seek out high converting profitable business opportunities to market online. I believe that the principles for sustained success online are the same principles that are applied in every other mainstream profession, you must diversify your income streams, react to the marketplace, and be consistent in applying your business model. The majority of people who fail in the home based business industry do so because they fail to apply proven business principles to their business model – keep in mind that a distributorship position in a company is not a business model in and of itself.

If you have viewed my videos or listened to my podcast you already are aware that I advocate the use of a self-funded proposal within a business funnel to create a thriving, sustainable, and profitable home based business. I believe that you should have multiple streams of income coming into your business to provide cash flow for marketing, increased profits, and insurance against unforeseen circumstances which may arise in your primary business. I also recommend that you have a limited variety of business niches and price points to enable you to help the largest number of people enter into our profession by offering choices.

I do believe that your funnel must be focused, contain only quality opportunities, and provide the highest probability that your prospects can duplicate your results to ensure that they have an opportunity to succeed. I recommend the following income programs all of which I have consistently earned income, I remain profitable, and I am actively marketing. Please note that I will coach you in any one or all of these programs based upon your specific goals and preferences. These programs are primary income programs, which are separate from the “Affiliate Programs” that I recommend. Please contact me directly to discuss my affiliate strategy and a list of recommended programs.

Principles that I use to structure my business funnel

1. Your Funnel Must be Congruent: The businesses in your funnel must be congruent within a focused niche. Do not confuse your prospect by presenting a mismatched set of business opportunities. If you decide to market across multiple niches, you can create a separate funnel for each niche as long as your efforts contribute to the success of the whole and do not dilute your personal brand.

2. Your Funnel Must Have a Variety of Marketing Pillars: Carefully evaluate  the methods you will use to market your front-end proposal and overall business funnel. I caution you to be realistic about your budget, passion for a method, and expertise. For example, you should NOT consider doing pay per click advertising unless you are willing to learn the skills required to effectively research keywords, properly structure campaigns and have a sufficient budget to test and split test campaigns in order to discover what messages will convert in your market.

Create a plan and select between 3-5 primary marketing pillars and master them before adding another. You have a variety of both free and paid methods to select from including pay per click, article writing, social media, e-zine advertising, direct mail, traffic exchanges, safe-list, video submission, voice broadcasting, display advertising, blog posting, pod-casting, video-casting, viral marketing of all types, warm market networking, and direct referral marketing, among others.

3. Your Funnel Must Include a Funded Proposal: Simply stated a funded proposal is a method by which you provide your prospect an item or items of value – for example a product, educational resource, limited access to a membership site, etc. You will convert random visitors to your site into opt in subscribers and buyers by offering them a low cost item or set of services to buy from you – converting visitors to buyers is a critical step in the process. The term ’self-funded’ proposal is derived from the fact that a well crafted front-end proposal will pay for the cost to fund the creation, acquisition and marketing of the proposal itself hence the term self-funded proposal.

Learn a secret of all successful internet marketers

The secret is financial leverage! Here is the basic math for a self funded proposal might look like this; you create or purchase a self-funded proposal system (I recommend a few ready to use systems on this website). For example lets say that the cost is $30 one time to set-up and $20 each month to maintain your membership to the system.

I can show you how to market for free, but let’s say it cost you another $100 each month to market your funded proposal to get 100 conversions to purchase your funded proposal – that is 100 sales for which you earn $20 per sale or $2,000 for the month. In summary your gross revenue for the month is $2,000 deduct expenses of $120 ($100 marketing + $20 membership) provides you with a net profit of $1,880 each every month. I recommend that you invest the majority of your net profit to purchase additional marketing to further leverage your results.

Please note… this is profit on the funded proposal and does not include what you will earn when people join your primary business or purchase your products and services.

A few final thoughts about making money online

I entered into the home based business industry in traditional network marketing in my former niche which was health and wellness. Over the last two years I have become laser focused and have restructured my funnel to reflect my chosen niches. If you evaluate the businesses recommended from my funnel you will see that they are completely congruent centered on entrepreneurship, personal development and lifestyle enrichment.

Regardless if you chose the programs I recommend or not, I would encourage you to identify and focus on a targeted niche and ensure that as you build your income streams that you do so in accordance with your selected niche. I mentioned earlier that I feel those who insist that you pick one company, put on the blinders and ‘no matter what’ remain committed that company are speaking to their own self interest. If you have made the decision to become an entrepreneur, you must be in control of your business and diversify. Company change their direction, compensation plans, marketing focus, etc. Placing all of you energy and resource into a business you do not control is reckless.

I believe you will become successful online if you follow the blueprint that I teach and follow my philosophy and create a business funnel, lead with a self-funded proposal, and include multiple congruent streams of income. It is important to ensure that you posses a winning entrepreneurial mindset and have the patience required to give the plan a chance to work. I would say that many who fail online do so because they give up on their dreams too quickly.

Also note that in keeping in compliance with the new FTC regulations. One Hundred Percent of the program I recommend on this page are program in which I am presently earning an income. My endorsements are not the product of any contract not do they represent a paid endorsement of any kind. These are among the programs and income opportunities I currently utilize in my business funnel to derive my income.

I am here to help you succeed and work closely with those who join me in any one of more of the programs listed here. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have or to discuss your personal goals and objectives for starting an business of your own.

To review the proven programs that I support  and use to make money, simply access the drop down menu under the ‘make money‘ tab

I wish you every success in your entrepreneurial journey!


P.S. As previously mentioned, I am testing other programs that could be added to my recommended list once they sales conversions or enrollments are proven and commissions are verified. When I have made money with them I will share them with you.

Note: I am presently marketing each of the programs recommended here as part of my business funnel. I have personally paid to enroll in each of these programs at the highest possible buy in level and successfully applied the marketing methods I teach to create profit in 100% of the programs on this page. If I am testing a new program, it will not appear on this page until it has generated a consistent profit and the marketing results are proven to duplicate by you or any one willing to apply the strategies I teach with consistency.

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