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Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Direct Sales


Catagory I. Big Ticket Direct Sales Programs

(Not MLM, no downline to build, get paid daily, commissions from $300-$2,000)

My #1 Direct Sales Recommendation:

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My personal desire is to sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance. I have aligned my personal coaching and mentoring program with to offer a true Turnkey solution to a common problem for those wanted to create a real income working on the Internet.

The value of what I offer goes beyond the business itself and extends to partnering with others by providing “one on one” mentoring along with access to our private members only website with additional training and business building resources.

Creating a successful home based or Internet based business involves a number of specific systems that must be in place in order for you to succeed. It not as simple as joining a business, promoting your replicated website and chasing after your friends or family members. The home based business profession or Internet marketing business requires a plan, putting the correct systems in place, and effective marketing.

There is no question that a successful Internet based business can be created for a fraction of a traditional business or franchise. I know, because I have spent the past 25 years creating a running successful brick and mortar businesses and it takes thousand and often tens-of-thousands to launch and stabilize a traditional business.

Having a mentor can shorten your learning curve and allow you to become profitable much more quickly and literally transform your way of thinking, create financial success, and true time freedom. I can help you avoid the pitfalls and save you thousands of dollars by avoiding programs that simply do not work.

You have arrived at this page for a reason! I don’t about you, but I do not believe in coincidences and neither do other successful entrepreneurs. Why is this the case? We know that the only difference between successful people and those who struggle is the ability to see an opportunity, break through fear, refuse to focus on the risk, and take immediate action.

So, you are at a point of decision and you owe it to yourself to investigate the information provided at the following link, complete your application, schedule a personal consultation with me and make an educated decision about

Because you are here for a reason, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to having an opportunity to speak with YOU, I don’t know you yet but my personal belief is that you wouldn’t still be reading this page if we were not to have at least one personal conversation.

There is no obligation, I will be sending you a special report and resource package valued at $297 as my way of saying thank you for investing your time regardless of the outcome of our call.

Your Net Biz is a division of My Internet Business, LLC and I have marketed this program since April 2008. Your Net Biz in a turnkey online business containing training, physical products and digital products. It is the perfect business for anyone interested in creating a profitable Internet based business regardless of your experience level, from complete rookie to successful online marketer.

The system sales system is completely automated including a self guided multimedia business tour, live chat support, and professional business assistants to follow up with your prospects and close your sales. Your Net Biz is a direct sales business and you will not need to recruit to build a down line organization in order to make immediate income.

I highly recommend taking the tour by completing the sign up form here: YOUR NET BIZ TOUR I also would recommend that you “Request a Call Back” after completing your tour in order to fully understand the level of sales support offered by the professional business assistants when speaking with your prospects.

If you are looking for a turnkey Internet based business, including training, sales support, and large direct sales commissions, there is no better business available.

My #2 Direct Sales Recommendation:

PrimoVacations is a sister company of Your Net Biz as both are owned by My Internet Business, Inc. PrimoVacations was launched in December of 2009 and is a premiere resorts and travel program that delivers exceptional value for both business owners and their customers. The program  meets and exceeds the standards set by big ticket programs in the travel niche. The advantage that PrimoVacations offers for you as a business owner is the cost to enter and maintain the business as compared to it’s pier competitors in the marketplace.

One of the truths that has drawn me to endorse PrimoVacations and the travel niche is the fact the through this program every member can enjoy a few of the benefits today of the lifestyle they are seeking to build long-term. So many people enter into the hoe based business industry seeking a better lifestyle, more time to travel and feed their desire to visit places they only dream about. Through PrimoVacations Club you can actually fulfill your travel aspirations from day one and continue to do so as you build your business.

If you invest your time and take both the Your Net Biz tour and PrimoVacations tour, you will recognize that you are reviewing the premiere businesses online and you will likely want to do what I have done, which is join and commit to building both businesses. I will make that an easy choice for you in a very powerful way. If you chose to join Your Net Biz at the ‘Platinum’ membership level, we will include the complete PrimoVacations business and marketing system at no additional cost.

PrimoVacations will soon become a leader in the online travel niche and the modest cost to get started makes this program accessible for anyone who has the desire to succeed in an online business that delivers exceptional value and creates a significant income for you as a business owner from day one. I would encourage you to take the tour, read every word and watch every video presented there. When you are finished contact me so that I can share the latest updates with you personally and help you get started today.

Here is a link to my tour website: PrimoVacations Club

Category II. Single Pay Cash Flow Programs (Not MLM, no downline to build, get paid daily, commissions from $80-$200)

Category III. Network Marketing Programs (Residual income programs designed to provide leverage and reoccurring monthly income)

GVO Team with James Holmes

Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO is a new program; however, the owner Joel Therien has a track record of providing hosting and affiliate management services to the internet marketing profession through his hosting company Kiosk. Many of the biggest names in internet marketing including; Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce, Frank Kern, Daegan Smith, Ewen Chia, Michale Cheney, Maria Andros, Bram Smith among others.

Global Virtual Opportunities product suite is comprised of the following tools:

1. Unlimited Web Hosting (you can actually resell capacity should you chose to do so)

2. Easy Video Producer (video production suite and unlimited hosting of your videos)

3. e-Responder (Complete auto-responder system)

4. Automated Prospecting System (Lead capture and follow up system)

5. Competition Witness (complete downtime witness facility)

6. GVO Conference System (you can host your own web conferences)

7. GVO Recruiter (to help you build your downline)

8. GVO Academy (a live training community for all GVO business owners)

One of the immediate benefits I personally received when I joined GVO was an immediate savings of approximately$70 per month though the bundling of services that I was already purchasing elsewhere.

To take a complete tour of GVO follow this link and opt in here: Go GVO Trial Membership

**Note that you can take a 14 day tour for just $1.00 you will have complete access to the entire system for the full 14 days.

A few final thoughts about making money online

I entered into the home based business industry in traditional network marketing in my former niche which was health and wellness. Over the last two years I have become laser focused and have restructured my funnel to reflect my chosen niche – Entrepreneurship and Personal Development using Internet Marketing. If you evaluate the businesses recommended from my funnel you will see that they are completely congruent.

Regardless if you chose the programs I recommend or not, I would encourage you to identify and focus on a targeted niche and ensure that as you build your income streams that you do so in accordance with your selected niche. I mentioned earlier that I feel those who insist that you pick one company, put on the blinders and ‘no matter what’ remain committed that company are speaking to their own self interest. If you have made the decision to become an entrepreneur, you must be in control of your business and diversify. Company change their direction, compensation plans, marketing focus, etc. Placing all of you energy and resource into a business you do not control is reckless.

I believe you will become successful online if you follow the blueprint that I teach and follow my philosophy and create a business funnel, lead with a self-funded proposal, and include multiple congruent streams of income. It is important to ensure that you posses a winning entrepreneurial mindset and have the patience required to give the plan a chance to work. I would say that many who fail online do so because they give up on their dreams too quickly.

Also note that in keeping in compliance with the new FTC regulations. One Hundred Percent of the program I recommend on this page are program in which I am presently earning an income. My endorsements are not the product of any contract not do they represent a paid endorsement of any kind. These are among the programs and income opportunities I currently utilize in my business funnel to derive my income.

I am here to help you succeed and work closely with those who join me in any one of more of the programs listed here. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have or to discuss your personal goals and objectives for starting an business of your own. I have a large variety of resources and ideas to share regardless if you join me or not in a specific program.

I wish you every success in your entrepreneurial journey!


P.S. As previously mentioned, I am testing other programs that could be added to my recommended list once they prove to convert to sales or enrollments and I am truly making money from them.

Note: I am presently marketing each of the programs recommended here as part of my business funnel. I have personally paid to enroll in each of these programs at the highest possible buy in level and successfully applied the marketing methods I teach to create profit in 100% of the programs on this page. If I am testing a new program, it will not appear on this page until it has generated a consistent profit and the marketing results are proven to be duplicatable by you or any one willing to apply the strategies I teach with consistency.