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I Am Not the James Holmes Involved in “The Dark Night Rises” Shooting Tragedy

Please take a moment to watch this video which I just recorded as a result of more than 20,000 site inquiries, dozens of text messages, phone calls, and Skype messages concerning the mass shootings at the Batman premiere for “The Dark Night Rises” in Aurora Colorado. The suspected shooter who the police have in custody is named James Holmes… resulting in an impact on my personal and professional brand which is my name.

Please Take a Moment to Watch My Very Personal Video Messages

I am going to look for a way to help the families of the victims of this horrible crime a members of my community. I will post again soon once I get a better handle on how to be helpful.

I appreciate all of my family, friends, and clients ho have reached out to me this morning and encourage you to remain thoughtful and prayerful for the victims of this tragedy.

My sincere appreciation and I wish you a blessed day!

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  • Thomas L. Knapp

    Best wishes on rebuilding all that hard-earned branding/SEO mojo, James.  With your attitude and intent, I don’t doubt that in doing so you’ll be helpful to others negatively affected by this atrocity.

  • Nancy Radlinger

    WOW talking about life turning on a dime – I really do feel for you as I know how hard you have worked in branding yourself and I for one have enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you.  Hang in there and wish you the best and for all the families that have been involved in this incident

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  • Patti Boquist

    Knowing you, James, is a blessing in my life and it never crossed my mind that this had anything to do with you. I know you will come through this because of who you are and what you stand for. Thank you for your video and we support you 100%!

    Our sincere sympathy to those who were affected by this horrible act.