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How to Turn Your Business Tools into Another Income Stream

A few months ago I heard that a well established website hosting company known as Kiosk Hosting was going to be launching a new network marketing company called Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. I also learned that they were doing so with the support of many of the biggest names in Internet marketing including Mike Filsaime and Frank Kern among others. I was already familiar with Kiosk as a result of being a long term customer of Mike Filsaime and Armando Montelongo, both of whom use Kiosk as their hosting solution.

I was keenly interested in GVO because the business concept seemed very simple to me and the bundle of services they offer includes services that I was already purchasing through a variety of vendors. The idea here is to purchase these services as a package and dramatically lower the cost as a result and I have to say it really has worked. I still use Aweber, Go Daddy, Host Gator, but I have eliminated many of my secondary services and trimmed my budget as a result.

I personally was able to save about $120 per month and depending on what type of services you currently use to build your business, you likely will have a similar experience by switching over to GVO’ s bundled suite of products.

Here is what is included in the bundle:

1. Unlimited Hosting Account with C-Pannel and WHM Panels with Reseller Rights

2. Easy Video Producer (similar to Amazon Easy S3) includes video squeeze pages and a hosting community to market your videos. You can embed and link to your videos as with You Tube, Viddler, etc.

3. E-Responder Auto Responder Account – similar to Aweber, i-Contact, Get Response, etc.

4. Competition Witness – Lets you spy on your competitors campaigns

5. GVO Hot Conference – Present video, slides, live chat on your presentation channel – hybrid Go To Webinar and U-Stream platform style service

6. GVO Prospecting System – Pre-made squeeze pages and auto reponder campaign to market GVO.

7. GVO Recruiter – Email Marketing System with Pre-loaded campaigns to market GVO

8. GVO Banner Menu – Dozens of Flash and Static Banners

9. GVO Academy – Live Training Approximately 5 Classes Per day

I titled this post “How to Turn Your Business Tools into Another Income Stream” intentionally as not only can you save money by consolidating your services with GVO – you can also earn an income on all of your referals and the referals of those in your downline through ten levels.

To Learn More About the GVO Income Opportunity Click Here:

14 Day GVO Trail Link

If you carefully read my business philosophy you understand that I am a big proponent of multiple income streams. It doesn’t matter which business model you operate online, product creation, direct sales, network marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. It is essential that you have diversified income streams and one of the most reliable forms is training, resources and tools. Every serious marketer needs to invest in the proper tools to conduct a real business.

Regardless if you decide to utilize GVO strictly as a product and services provider, or as an income builder, I encourage you to take the 14 day trail and go behind the scenes and determine if this suite of services is right for you.

If you have identified tools that will serve the dual purpose of saving money and creating a passive income leave a comment as I would love to hear more and offer feedback or a review on my blog.

I am here to help you succeed!

P.S. I am an affiliate of GVO and the links provided in this post will result in an earned commission should you decide to join me.

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