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GVO Members Special Follow Up to Robert Puddy at GVO Academy

Last night I was I was in attendance for a special presentation by Robert Puddy at the GVO Academy, which is a weekly training platform for GVO members. There where 415 attendees and the topic was how to use lead capture pages in traffic exchange to recruit sign-ups in GVO as well as build a subscriber list.

Robert was very generous in giving 48 hour access to his training series titles “Hidden Traffic Formula” videos. After the live training, I immediately logged in and watched the videos. In video #2 Robert recommended S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange and the weekly S.W.A.T. Room Web-Conferences. I was pleased as the owner of S.W.A.T. Traffic and have decided to create a very special free and paid bonus offer for all GVO Members worldwide.

Here is what I am doing for GVO Members to help you get started by taking massive action to promote GVO correctly in Traffic Exchanges. I applaud Joel Therien for his leadership in helping his affiliates successfully market online.

We offer a subscription service in your member’s area called the Commish Ad Subscription which gives you 5000 page views in your account each and every month that you are subscribed. The cost of this is $20 per month which is a huge discount on our regular prices. Of course, we pride ourselves on giving members the absolute best value for their dollar and today is no different…

Secure your Commish Ad Subscription GVO Special today for only $15 per month. I am providing 5000 Credits, 5000 Banners, and 5000 Text Ads for a monthly subscription of $15, so you have 15000 exposures of your webpages, banners, and text ads every month in S.W.A.T. Traffic without having to surf a single page. This allows you to leverage your time and expose GVO to new prospects everyday.

Step 1: Grab Your Free S.W.A.T. Traffic Account Here: Join S.W.A.T. Free!

Step 2: Purchase The GVO Members Special Offer : GVO Members Only!

Step 3: Contact Me Personally If You Need Help! Support Desk

I have been a member of GVO for more than a year and have consistently made income by sharing their $1 trial and the vast number of tools included in the program. You can read my short review on GVO here for a little background. I am motivated to help anyone who is interested in learning how to use traffic exchanges correctly and if there is interest expressed as a result of this special offer, I will host a GVO / S.W.A.T. Traffic orientation webcast to help everyone get up to speed.

I am here to help you succeed!

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