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George Kosch Training and Recommendations for Advertising with Traffic Exchanges

George Kosch offers a few tips on marketing with traffic exchanges.



The following video is from the June 01, 2012 live training session with George Kosch, Chief Technology Officer at Worldprofit, which are held every Friday for Silver and Platinum Members. On this day the topic was traffic exchanges which included an over the shoulder overview of two great exchanges… Tezak Traffic Power and S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange.

Home Business Bootcamp Training June 01, 2012


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A few key points about using traffic exchanges effectively:

#1. Join multiple exchanges slowly and become active at the sites you enjoy most.

#2. Carefully consider upgrading to a paid membership to maximize your results.

#3. Be sure to update your profile and set up all of the advertising options; website views, banner ads, and text ads.

#4. Consider purchasing log in ads, site of the day, and bulk credits for special promotions.

#5. Advertising everyday 24/7!

This is an excellent training session and I recommend that you watch the video carefully and take notes. Take immediate action on this strategy and feel free to return to this page and post a comment to share your experience.

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I am here to help you succeed in your business and life!

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