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George Kosch in a Rare Interview about Worldprofit

 Who is George Kosch and how was Worldprofit started?

On the Internet the technical wizards often are found behind the scenes creating the tools and resources that make truly successful programs thrive. This is the case at Worldprofit and for more than seventeen years the man behind the scenes has been George Kosch who is both a co-founder and technical director of the Alberta, Canada based company.

I became a member of Worldprofit in May of 2010 and prior to joining I completed extensive ‘due diligence‘ on the company and found no interviews featuring Dr. Jeffrey Lant, George Kosch (I actually found one), or Sandi Hunter. What I discovered is that each have chosen to let their program speak for itself and avoid the typical promotional hype that prevails in the online business and make money niches. I have come to appreciate that.

It is rare to have access to an interview with George Kosch much less one that delves so deeply into the story behind Worldprofit’s founding and their mission to help people create success online. George has an engaging personal story, a knack for developing amazing automated tools, and a passion for marketing… all of which came through in the interview.

To listen to the fill interview follow one of the links that follow:

George Kosch Interview

or here

Who is George Kosch?

George Kosch, MSc is a Graduate of Royal Military College and a retired Canadian Air Force Captain. Over the last 17+ years, George is responsible for dozens of innovations as a self taught programmer and skilled marketer.

George serves our associates with a unique set of technical skills and marketing experience. He has a unique ability to identify the most innovative tools and resources available online and adapts them for the use of Worldprofit’s dealers.

I am here to help you succeed and enjoy sharing the programs that I have proven produce sustainable income by following a step by step system… this means anyone willing to follow specific guidance will achieve similar results.

Be sure to post a comment below and let me know what you want to achieve online and the biggest challenges you are facing on your success journey.

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P.S. If you want to learn more about the George Kosch’s Home Buisness Boot-camp go here:

Millionaire Bootcamp

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  • Michael Camire

    Great article and interview with George Kosch. Sounds like there are some very excited times coming at Worldprofit that will allow their members to own their own traffic exchange and safelist. As a former member of Worldprofit, I wasn’t aware of the history as to how the company was formulated and developed. Thanks for sharing.