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George Kosch and the Millionaire Bootcamp Review Videos

This article concerning George Kosch’s “Millionaire Bootcamp Training” was originally posted to my Worldprofit blog and I thought it would provide value for my readers here as many of you have commented on my earlier post concerning Worldprofit and their turnkey business model. As many of you are looking for ways to automate your list building and website promotions, I felt that the videos included here would provide with an in depth view of a potential solution to build your current business.

The absolute key to the success of so many Worldprofit Associate Dealers is their unique “Millionaire Bootcamp” training system and the instructor George Kosch.

The Millionaire Bootcamp is interactive guided learning, which is designed to guide every member through a proven step by step process to ensure success with Worldprofit and achievement of the goal… to make a consistent income online.

Watch this three part video series detailing Worldprofits Millionaire Bootcamp

Video One: Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Advanced Training Video

Video Two: Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Advanced Training Video

Video Three: Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Advanced Training Video

Here are the facts about Worldprofit’s Unique Millionaire Bootcamp:

  • Every Friday George Kosch, Chief Technology Officer and Instructor in the Millionaire Bootcamp conducts two live webcast presentations = one for novices and one for experienced marketers.
  • These presentations focus on just what you need to do to profit today. George provides more than just theory the full hour is packed with actionable content, pure “how to instruction” and proven money-making techniques for any product, service or opportunity you are marketing.
  • The weekly Bootcamp sessions are interactive, so members can have their direct questions answered by George Kosch with input by other members in the forum. It becomes a true mastermind and your QUESTIONS are ANSWERED.
  • The entire Bootcamp is delivered online, so there is no need for special equipment or software. If you have a computer and an Internet connection.
  • Each Millionaire Bootcamp presentation is recorded and immediately posted for convenient 24/7 online access in your members back-office.
  • A Real Guarantee which states 100% Of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates Make Money Online

I completed the first two modules of the Bootcamp within the first three days of my membership and true to their guarantee, I made enough sales to appear as the #11 producer within my first week at Worldprofit. Was it magical? no, I simply followed the step by step process taught in each module and followed the set-up and marketing steps. I worked each step through to completion.

I found the pacing, video instruction and support to be top notch and I can see George Kosch’s military background shining through in with respect to his calm deliberate presentation style which newer marketers will find helpful – there is no “overwhelm” here if you follow the guided lessons one step at a time.

Needless to say, I have become a true fan of the Bootcamp and I will continue to implement the Level III (module three of the Bootcamp) for my entire career. I encourage you to take a close look.

If you would like to take a look at the training go here: Millionaire Bootcamp

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