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Facebook Fan Pages Part Two: Determine Your Facebook Page’s Goals and Purpose

Determine Your Facebook Page’s Goals and Purpose

Assuming you read my first post on the topic of Facebook fan pages, you likely have a good idea of why you should establish a fan page for your business. Now that you have decided to take action, we need to explore the “why” behind your fan page by answering a simple question – What do you want to accomplish with your Facebook page?

Yet the answer is more complex than the question. Ultimately you likely want to use your Facebook page to make more money and grow your business. But there are many ways to accomplish that and many directions to take. Perhaps a better question is, “How do you want to use your Facebook page to grow your business?” Do you want to build your brand, grow a list, or network with others in your niche, etc.

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to know the answer right now. However, before you begin creating your fan page it’s important to have a clear direction and measurable objectives.

As mentioned in part one there are several outcome to be accomplished using a Facebook fan page. Here is a summary for recap:

  • Traffic generation
  • List building
  • Selling products/services
  • Announcements and promotions
  • Content and added value
  • Building a community/strengthening relationship
  • Impact on search engine optimization

Do you need documented evidence that Facebook fan pages work? According to a survey by 4,000 people who “Liked” the top 20 brands with Facebook pages spend an average of $71.84 more each year on that brand’s products or services. There is a loyalty factor and awareness factor that come into play here and the proof is very compelling.

Would this story inspire you to take action?

Let’s say you created a Facebook fan page and discovered that your target market is strongly represented on Facebook. the good news is that you went all out and design a great page,  you created a custom Facebook page that offered tremendous value, promotions, news and interactive tools and applications for customers. You also made it easy for your market to interact leveraging a Q&A page and a page where Facebook fans could learn about your products and services – they can even purchase directly from your page. You have thought of everything!

When a fan makes a purchase they also tended to post a note on their profile about the great new product they purchased from you – building your brand. Suddenly you realize that by leveraging Facebook you have gained more fans and in a short period of time have grown your sales by 20% – would this be a great outcome for you?

This can be your story, you can enjoy this type of result by taking action and executing on a well thought out plan, the one I will be sharing with you here. The example I gave you used sales growth as the benchmark, but this could have been related to building a list, growing your brand presence. Regardless of how you measure your success, developing a Facebook fan page is just one piece of the puzzle that can help you get there.

Before you move onto the next step, spend some time brainstorming what you hope to accomplish with your Facebook fan page and be sure to check back for my next installment in this special series.

Please be sure to post a comment and let me know if you have taken the step and created a fan page, if so, post your link with your comment. I will come over and say hello on your page.

I am here to help you succeed!

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