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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Essential Resources for Internet Marketing Success

10 Essential Resources for Internet Marketing Success

One of the keys to Internet marketing success is building the proper foundation which includes creating an online presence, owning your intellectual property, capturing leads, building a list, and converting sales from your list allowing you to make money. There are very few barriers to setting up an Internet business and the initial expenses are very small compared to the offline world. Creating a sustainable income online does require a few small investments and those whom try to do succeed using only free resources typically have very little success or non at all, which leads to program hoping in an attempt to find something that will work.

So what are the essential tools and resources you must have to succeed? This is a great question to ask and I have a very direct answer for you complete with my top recommendations to set you in the right direction when it comes to achieving online success.

1.) A passion and desire to succeed and transform your life supported by a positive mindset and belief you deserve success.

Mindset is the most overlooked ingredient in the success formula yet without the proper mindset you will struggle trying to figure out how to achieve your goals. If you are new to entrepreneurship you will have to shift your perception of a number of principles including risk vs reward, time value of money, and learn how to think like a successful business owner. It doesn’t matter if you are promoting your own products, affiliate products, building a team in network marketing or direct sales; you have to make a shift in your mindset to ensure success.

My Top Recommended Mindset Training Course:

2.) A Domain Name  that Brands YOU!

Expect to spend between $5 – $20 dollars each year to purchase and renew your personal domain names. Make it a priority to secure your personal name or some variation of your name if it is not available. I used and among others for example. You will also want to secure the .com, .net or .org extensions and avoid using .info, which is a hindrance when it comes to SEO for your websites.

Here are three places where you can purchase your domain name:

  • Go Daddy – My favorite domain registrar and among the most popular service providers.
  • Name Cheap – The low cost option with no lack of service quality.
  • Premium Domain Marketplace – This site provides a marketplace for high value ‘aged’ domains with .com extensions.

3.) A Hosting Account that allows you to host and manage your own websites and blogs.

Expect to pay between $5 – $10 per month depending on the hosting plan.

Here are three places where you can purchase your hosting account:

  • Hostgator – My favorite web-hosting company with amazing customer support, pricing and upgrade options.
  • Go Daddy- If you are looking for a easy solution with good customer service and a reputation for reliability.
  • Name Cheap – As with their domain registration services, Name Cheap provides a low cost solution especially if you purchase your domain there as well.

4.) A Name Squeeze Page or Lead Capture Page set-up on your own domain(s).

This allows you to build a list and grow relationships with your list – your list is the single most important asset you will cultivate as you build your business.

Here are three places where you can create your pages:

5.) A Professional Auto-responder where you control and manage your list.

This is the last place to try to get by with a free account. One of the most valuable assets you will have as an online marketer is your subscriber list and you will want to build and manage your list with a professional auto-responder service.

Here are three places where you can purchase your hosting account:

6.) A Professional WordPress Blog installed on your domain within your hosting account.

Your blog will become the hub of all of your online activities and a critical part of your success. Think about this for a moment, when you want to learn more about a new person, company, product or service what do you do? You ‘Google it” right? So does everyone else. It is critical that you establish and control your online presence and a WordPress way is the easiest way to do it.

Get  a Free Professional WordPress blog here:

7.) A High Value Front End Offer to you sales funnel to provide value to your subscribers and convert them into loyal followers and buyers.

If you want to fund your marketing campaigns within  your business funnel using a ‘self-funded proposal’ system works in magical ways to ensure that you have the proper resources to promote your online business(es).

Here are my three favorite front-end programs choose one then eventually set-up the second to compound your efforts:

8.) A Customizable Downline Builder allowing you to refer your prospects to join your recommended programs.

Having a fully customizable downline builder allows you to promote one link or webpage that your visitors can access to review your top recommendations.

Here is my top recommended customizable downline builder.

9.) A Simple Social Media Strategy to extend your online presence.

10) A Supportive Mentoring Community of like-minded people who have a desire to help you grow as a business owner and succeed with your online business objectives.

This success blueprint will provide you with a solid foundation to create success online. You will note that I have not included any specific recommendations for a income opportunities, which I will review in similar fashion in a future blog post. I encourage you to take action on the advice provided here, invest the proper amount of time and financial resources to ensure you efforts online will payoff for you for years to come.

I am here to help you succeed and thank you for visting my blog!

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