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Effective List Building Part 4: Provide Maximum Value First for Your Subscribers!

Effective List Building Part 4

As an entrepreneur you are rewarded for two specific outcomes:

1. The Value You Provide

2. The Problems You solve

When it comes to list building the rewards you earn are loyal responsive subscribers who choose to remain on your list and sales of your info products, affiliate programs, business opportunities, and other resources you recommend.  My goal in this post is to help you maximize your list building activities by providing your subscribers with extreme value first, allowing you to create loyalty and solidify your relationship with your list.

Here is my strategy for adding value as a component of  effective list building!

Give Your Subscribers What They Want and Need

Be consistent and targeted with the information you send to your list. Keep in mind that you attracted your subscribers based on a invitation or item of value likely focused on a specific niche. For example, if a subscriber opted into your list for an internet marketing product, they likely will not expect you to email them information about cooking or how to restore a vintage automobile. If you work in a variety of niches, you should build separate list for each niche and only mail across all of your list when the information is relevant to the entire list.

If you email your list with targeted information that provides added value for their lives and helps them grow their businesses, you will develop loyalty and maximize your rightful opportunity to monetize your list. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust – you can develop these three qualities by seeking to add value first and monetize second.

Provide High Value Content and Resources for FREE

I have constructed “My Private Vault” to give high value resources to my list free of charge. The vault includes software, videos, audio MP3s, e-books, marketing systems, training materials and so much more. I offer literally thousands of dollars in value to my list every day in order to help them grow their businesses. You should be doing something very similar to this and then watch your list grow.

In addition to adding value to your subscribers, you can also use free items to “pre-sell” your paid products and services by providing your subscribers with a free sample of a paid product or a complete version of a paid product. By doing this you allow your list to try it before they buy it and in the long term all parties will benefit from this high value sales cycle.

Build a Quality List and Maintain it

From day one set your objective on building a quality list and maintaining your list quality as it grows. The highest quality list is a targeted list of loyal subscribers who choose to remain on your list and are responsive, meaning they choose to open your emails and follow your recommendations.

Here are 10 Key Tips to Get You Started

I have found that presenting your opt in as a “subscription” to a newsletter or inner circle list works best across multiple platforms. Keep in mind that you need to identify an opt in gift (example) worthy of attracting subscribers and then take action on the following marketing ideas.

  1. Offer a free subscriptions to targeted (by niche) Ning communities
  2. Offer a free subscription to popular forum members in your niche
  3. Offer a free subscription to members of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  4. Offer a free subscription through online classified advertising sites
  5. Offer a free subscription in your email signature and auto reply from your email service
  6. Issue press releases virally to publicize your free newsletter
  7. Offer a free subscription on ALL the pages of your blog and website
  8. Acquire relevant opt-in e-mail lists and introduce yourself with a free subscription creating a actual opt in
  9. Offer a free subscription to members of professional associations in your niche
  10. Use a “Tell a Friend” script to encourage your subscribers to spread the word and provide “gift subscriptions” to their friends

Closing Thoughts

Building a subscriber list is essential to the long term viability of your online business and creating a responsive list requires focus and commitment to adding value to your subscribers. If you follow the advice I provide in this series of post on effective list building, you will be well on your way to developing a thriving, responsive list of loyal subscribers.

Be sure to leave a comment and share this post with your friends and members of your social networks. Remember the more value you provide and the greater problems you solve the bigger your reward.

Remember, I am here to help you succeed!

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