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Dr. Jeffrey Lant: The Royal Engagement and Business Lessons on Extending Your Brand as a Topic Expert

If you want to learn a series of important lessons interweaving your passions, your preeminence on a topic, your business, and your personal brand, pay close attention to the following series of videos. The world buzzing with the news this week that Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton are to be married and we will all be treated to another royal wedding. I would like to use the events of the week and a more personal association I have with a key player to share several valuable lessons.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has become an important personal mentor to me and his counsel has greatly impacted both my business and personal life. Much of what I have learned from Dr. Lant has come through observation followed by his dissection to illuminate the salient points. He has taught, I have learned, and now I am going to pay much of this forward to you.

The “subject” of this series of interviews is the engagement of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. The events involving Dr. Lant began within a few short hours of their announcement to the world and continued for three days. What emerged for all of us is an opportunity to learn what is possible when you exhibit courage and take risk to share your voice and unique perspective with the world.


Interview #3: Bringing Perspective to the Whole Picture


In interview number two Dr. Lant explains the distinction between two beautiful women who have captured the hearts of the world and won the hand of their Prince. The interview was presented live on NECN network in Boston based near Boston and Dr. Lant’s home near Harvard University.


Interview #2: Why William and Kate’s Engagement is Different


Here is a Summary of Dr. Lant’s Main Points from Interview Two:

1. Princess Diana was an aristocrat and Kate Middleton is a commoner – the girl next door.

2. Prince William and Prince Harry true to their legacy represent “many echoes” of their mother Diana.

3. Kate Middleton has grown into the role she must now play. Princess Diana was 19 when she married and

Kate Middleton will be 29, she is a mature woman and she is highly educated.

4. What will they call her? “Princess William of Wales” or “Princess Kate” … Dr. Lant has an idea.

5. What is the Queen Consort? Married to the Sovereign.

6. The recent history of the Monarchy has not been good in terms of marriage, this may represent a new dawn.

7. The pomp and pageantry will be 75% of that of Charles and Diana.

8. Have you heard about the Queen cancelling her Holiday party this year?

9. Dr. Lant has coined the phrase “Pageantry on the cheap” … find out why.

Within hours of the official announcement as journalist from around the world scurried to gather the details; Boston based NECN Network joined Dr. Lant is the famous “red room” in his home to gain insight into the Royal Family. The following video includes an expert from that interview.


Interview #1: The Theme For The Wedding


Following each interview Dr. Lant spoke to Worldprofit’s members about his experiences. Always ready to provide instruction in a unique teaching moment as he explained the value of becoming a recognized source on a topic.

Here are Dr. Lant’s Tips on Becoming a Recognized Source:

1. Stay ahead of the story – always.

2. When preparing ask for the wire service reports, so that you add context in your comments.

3. Be sure to dovetail into the next news cycle using the wire services reports.

4. Be conversational, personal, direct, look good, smile, don’t use too many words, and be a good guest.

Dr. Lant conducts business  each day in Worldprofit’s Live Business Center his newly renovated home office known as the “Imperial Broadcast Center,” named for the beautiful rich imperial blue color that graces the walls.


Dr. Jeffrey Lant's Imperial Broadcast Center


Who is Dr. Jeffrey Lant?

Dr. Jeffery Lant is CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit. Well known to millions of people worldwide from his 18 books, hundreds of articles, international media appearances and daily live webcasts, Dr. Lant is an internationally recognized author, trainer and consultant.

Dr. Lant became CEO of Worldprofit in 1994 making him one of the longest serving Internet Chief Executives and has literally helped thousands of people learn how to make real money online. Holder of 4 university degrees, including a Masters of Arts in 1970 and a PhD in 1975 both from Harvard University, Dr. Lant has long gained the reputation of being the world’s most accessible CEO.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant was the first American invited to work in the Royal Archives, Windsor Castle. From this emerged the first of his 18 books, “Insubstantial Pageant: Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria’s Court. Dr. Lant is CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit, Inc. based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. To see some of Dr. Lant’s extensive royal collection, visit: The Jeffrey Lant Trust

Be sure to watch Dr. Lant’s interviews and post a comment and share your thoughts. Do you feel the engagement of Prince William is a major historical event – yes or no? Also, let me know if you see the value in applying these business lessons to help you achieve success in your business.

I am here to help you succeed.

Have a blessed day!

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