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Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Be the Guest of James Holmes at Success 2012 in Denver Colorado… Are You Ready to Succeed on a Higher Level and Achieve Your Goals?

I am excited to share that I have worked out a fantastic opportunity for you to attend Success 2012 absolutely free of charge as my personal guest during this two day event.

Event Dates: September (Friday) 28th and 29th (Saturday)

Location: Colorado Convention Center

Cost: Free to You As My Guest

How to Claim Your Ticket Free Tickets

Claiming tickets for you and your guest is easy, simply send an email to me at with the subject line “Success 2012 VIP” and include your mailing address for the tickets along with your phone number.

You will receive a physical ticket(s) for the event approximately one week before the event. I will coordinate a pre-event meeting place near the convention center for everyone who would like to gather and sit together. You are also welcome to come and go independent from the group should you prefer. (To read the complete post and get all of the details click on the title link above)

No Matter What! A Free Teleseminar Featuring Lisa Nichols

I am really excited about this one! Lisa Nichols is a New York Times Bestselling author, transformational coach, and featured teacher in ‘The Secret.’

“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you know why.” – Lisa Nichols

This quote is quintessential Lisa, and it’s only a hint of the inspiration she’ll give you on her free teleseminar on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 4:00 PM EST. Lisa is calling this session “No Matter What! Stepping into the Next Greatest You.” (Click on the Title Link to read the full article)

Dr. Jeffrey Lant Articles Gifts for the New Year

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO of Worldprofit, Inc.

I have been a member of Worldprofit since May 2010 and have enjoyed the mentor-ship of Dr. Jeffrey Lant. I became intrigued last year as the result of a little prodding from George Kosch, Dr. Lant began writing articles to benefit the dealers and worldwide community at Worldprofit. George’s simple idea coupled with an amazing work ethic by Dr. Lant has resulted in an article directory of nearly 450 contributions with three to five new articles added every week. In addition to the articles of Dr. Lant, there are occasional contributions have been made by Worldprofit co-founders Sandi Hunter and George Kosch himself.

In addition to his co-leadership of Worldprofit, Inc. Dr. Lant has developed a worldwide reputation as an author based in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Lant draws upon his vast interest, deep knowledge of history, and a keen sense for the rhythm of world events and produces amazingly relevant articles for the benefit of everyone who reads them.

Net Learning Academy Private Coaching to Ensure Your Online Success

The Net Learning Academy was launched on November 2, 2011 by Robert Puddy, Chris Houg, Catherine Heiter, Josh Abbott, Brett Phillips, and James Holmes (me). The vision behind this innovative approach to teaching Internet marketing grew from our collective desire to provide a fast track way for people to learn how to create true and sustainable businesses online. We offer the core training and weekly webinars free of charge!
(Be sure to click on the title link above to read the full article)
The Net Learning Academy (NLA) is free to join and we provide expert training through a variety of methods including live webinars six days each week Monday to Saturday. Each webinar is taught by a NLA faculty member and focuses on one specific topic, which is the area of specialty for the trainer.

Get a Free Worldpress Blog Make Money Referring Others

I love Wordpress blogs, which probably explains why I have a network of nearly 20 site across a variety of carefully selected niches. I often speak with newer marketers that are confused about how to get started with a self hosted blog and resort to free blogs on Blogger or other blog platforms. I have several blogs on Blogger also but the bottom-line is that if Google (the owner of Blogger) feels that your content violates their evolving terms of service, your content and all of your hard work can disappear overnight. No warning just removed… it has happened to a few people I know.

If you are an internet marketer or home-based business professional a self-hosted Wordpress blog should be the hub of all of your online activities. Considering the importance of your blog you must take due care when selecting a blog platform and setting up your site. Keep in mind that your prospect will complete a websearch on your name while completing their due dilegence on you prior to joining your business or buying a product from you… what wil they find?

Hosting your own blog allows you the freedom to design the site and add content based on your personal preferences with no fear of violating the terms of free site providers. It also provides you with maximum flexibility when monetizing your site.

The Free Blog Factory provides a professional Wordpress installation using a premuim theme and several key plugins as part of your membership. The site can be installed on your exisitng C-Panel hosting account or they include a special trail offer for Hostgator in the event that you do not have a hosting account of your own.

Here’s what you get:
•Professional installation of a WordPress blogsite on your domain, complete with a $100 Premium Theme and pre-selected plugins and other leading business tools. F
•A thirty trial to Hostgator in the event that you do not have a hosting account.
•Ongoing WordPress Support when you sign up, solving all your technical problems.
•Hosts your blog with the fastest, most secure web hosting available – backed by Hostgator the world’s #1 hosting provider.
•Pre-loaded content to get you started

To get stared go here to claim your free blog:,Holmes-1287129292

Top 10 Internet Marketers to Watch Closeout 2011

A top ten list of internet marketers is always subjective and I am certain you will have a name or two to add to my list. From where I sit here are the top 10 Internet marketers to watch in the later half of 2011 and beyond. This is not a IM Popularity list or a list of social media celebrities, I will get to that in a future blog post. I have compiled this list based on two key criteria; first, these marketers have a proven track record of creating products, tools, and resources that work. Second, every person on this list has a proven training system(s) that have successfully taught others how to make money as well.

01. Jeremy Shoemaker – Through his brand ShoeMoney, Jeremy is the real deal and delivers amazing value in both his free and paid courses and other online resources. The ShoeMoney Blog is among the most popular with experienced Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Jeremy has a very compelling personal story and appeals to me as being “real” as well as a very creative and accomplished marketer. He sincere desire to serve his follows puts him on my list of recommended marketers.

Viral Bonuses is a Free Membership Site with Zero Strings Attached!

My friends Darren Olander and Jared Silver have come together to create a really cool new “Free Give Away” site called Viral Bonuses with zero strings attached. No one-time offers, no upsells, no down sales, nothing to buy. The site was designed to provide gifts from many of the leading Internet marketing and online advertising sites with as a free gift to site members.

So, what’s in it for the contributors?

The logical presentation made to the gift contributors was basically this; let us give a gift away featuring your products, services, memberships, etc. If you deliver enough value, a percentage of the people that received your free gift will make future purchases and this will also build your brand. I was convinced personally and I have added bonuses from some of my top programs as well.

What do you get?

All of this gifts have been added to Viral Bonuses and all you have to do is sign up and you have access to the 10 initial bonuses and additional bonuses that will be released on an ongoing basis. The beauty of this is that the gift bag will continue to grow and as new gifts are added, you simply log into your account and access the gift that will benefit you.

The bonuses include memberships, Internet Marketing product downloads, advertising credits to popular sites and more. After you have joined be sure to share your referral link with your friends so that they can also take advantage of this site. Pay it forward!

List Recon by Solomon Huey A Review

Over the past couple of years I have taught about the importance of building your list and leveraging traffic exchanges, safelist, and viral down-line builders to establish your brand and create automated income streams. One of the biggest problems many new and intermediate marketers face is that they have no list, no traffic, no sales and therefore no revenue.

List Recon is a brand E-Course and Membership Site developed by Solomon Huey that offers sound advice on how to overcome and finally solve both of these problems. Solomon Huey, is a highly respected and popular Internet Marketer who has learned to leverage simple yet effective strategies to create a thriving full-time online business and he loves to show others how he did it.

I just finished reading through the course and reviewing the membership website the you will gain access to as a free member. It is worth signing up for a free account and carefully reading the e-course. It is easy to understand, well thought-out, 100% consistent with the strategies I teach, and it will produce results if you follow through step by step. You can use what you learn to marketing anything you are currently market online.

Follow this link and grab your free account:,

The Free Blog Factory Crazy WordPress Blog Giveaway – Get Yours!

My friends Bradley Will, Russell Yermal and the other founders of “Social Spin” have come up with an amazing way to get the word out about their company… they are giving away their Wordpress 3.0 blog design, install and set-up service free for a limited time. Their service is called “The Free Blog Factory” and it they will literally be giving you a new WordPress blog on your domain name uploaded and optimized for SEO.

This is a perfect opportunity to get a professionally created blog on a premium theme if you do not have a WordPress blog, have one or more blogs but have a new niche that you want to target, or if you want to simply take your online presence to a new level.

These guys know what they are doing and this is a tremendous value – take a look at the site they did for me James Holmes Online

So what do you need to do?

The Flying Monkeys Must Be Running Things for Joel Comm and You Get Four Free E-Books!

I received an email last week as a member of Joel Comm’s affiliate program stating that I was being given permission to give away four of Joel’s most popular e-books including the wildly successful “AdSense Secrets” which sells for $97 absolutely free. So, I had added all four titles to “My Private Vault” located here: My Private Vault Log In

If you do not have a password for “My Private Vault” go here: Request Your Private Vault Password and enter your name and valid email address and you will be sent a password immediately. My Private Vault contains over $1,400 worth of products for free and immediate download and I add new products every month for subscribed members of this site.

If you are interested in using Adsense in your business you must read “Adsense Secrets 4″ the information is still very timely and will help you leverage your marketing efforts. I want to kick things off by giving you immediate access below. Keep in mind there are three additional titles available in the vault.