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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

List Recon by Solomon Huey A Review

Over the past couple of years I have taught about the importance of building your list and leveraging traffic exchanges, safelist, and viral down-line builders to establish your brand and create automated income streams. One of the biggest problems many new and intermediate marketers face is that they have no list, no traffic, no sales and therefore no revenue.

List Recon is a brand E-Course and Membership Site developed by Solomon Huey that offers sound advice on how to overcome and finally solve both of these problems. Solomon Huey, is a highly respected and popular Internet Marketer who has learned to leverage simple yet effective strategies to create a thriving full-time online business and he loves to show others how he did it.

I just finished reading through the course and reviewing the membership website the you will gain access to as a free member. It is worth signing up for a free account and carefully reading the e-course. It is easy to understand, well thought-out, 100% consistent with the strategies I teach, and it will produce results if you follow through step by step. You can use what you learn to marketing anything you are currently market online.

Follow this link and grab your free account:,

How to Guarantee 100 Quality Prospects and 300 Impressions Monthly in ANY MLM or Direct Sales Business

Today, I shared my method to guarantee 100 quality exposures to prospects per month to your business with consistency on a monthly basis. Many people fail in the home business profession because they fail to expose their business to a large enough number of prospects on a daily basis, there is little consistency and therefore no opportunity to create momentum.

In this video I recap my launch or relaunch blueprint which was explained in detail in this post and video: “How to Make Your Money Back in 30 Days in ANY MLM!”

How to Make Your Money Back in 30 Days in ANY MLM!

As I have previously taught, I believe Internet Based Recruiting and Offline Recruiting run on parallel tracks. Today, I will share a launch strategy designed to help you make your initial investment in your business back in your first 30 days. If you are new to network marketing or your current business, this is for you! If you have been in network marketing for a while but are struggling, this strategy will help you break through to momentum and success over the next 30 days.

Yanik Silver’s Maverick Entreprenuer Day 4: Why Should a Customer Purchase Your Products or Services?

Thank you for joining me for day four of our 35 day journey together! Today we are going to answer the question WHY? Why should a prospect decide to join your team? Why should a customer purchase your products or services? Rule #2 addressed the need to provide value 10 times to 100 times greater than any price you charge for your products and services. Rule #3 suggested that you must charge a premium price to create a margin to provide sufficient resources to provide extraordinary service. Rule #4 suggest we step into your prospects or customers shoes and answer the questions they may ask which lead to their decision to work with you, buy from you, or continue looking for alternatives.

Maverick Entrepreneur Rule #4: “Provide a “Reason Why” customers should do business with you and pay you a premium.”

Yanik Silver’s Maverick Entreprenuer Day 3: Why You Must Charge a Premium Price

Thank you for joining me for day three of our 35 day journey! We are going to expand on the previous post exploring rule #2 “Strive to create 10 times to 100 times in value for any price you charge….” In my mortgage banking business I made a conscious decision to focus on the middle to high end market based on my desire to serve a client base that would recognize and be willing to pay for a premium service. The mortgage banking business is highly competitive and at the lower end of the market it is viewed as a commodity with borrowers searching for the lowest interest rate and fees and mortgage lenders serving those markets too eager to cut their margins to win the transaction. I have always viewed this approach as short sighted and I had no interest in competing based on lowest price.

Warm Marketing or Cold Market Recruting: Why the Silly Debate?

A big movement underway to re-brand network marketing to bring the profession into the mainstream and change misconceptions of the people and companies in our profession; this movement must include a set of best practices that includes the manner in which we recruit prospects into our opportunity. I network with a large number of MLM distributors often becoming engaged in conversations related to their businesses and that of their down lines concerning “warm market” vs. “cold market” prospecting; I have had several spirited conversations with experienced marketers and new marketers alike leading me to conclude that this debate is just plain silly.

Prospecting Using Your Company Replicated Website

The majority of the better networking marketing companies in our profession offer replicated websites for their distributors. The quality of these sites are quite good and it would be impossible for the independent distributor to create sites of such quality on their own. I highly recommend taking full advantage of these sites as long as you include one specific action. Forget this and the site will be comparatively useless for prospecting new team members online.

In this video I will explain how I accidentally discovered the key to leveraging your company replicated website to enroll new team members into your business. It is a short video but provides a great marketing tactic.

A Willingness To Be Coached

Creating success in network marketing often requires one to learn new skills and broaden ones understanding of mindset and human behavior. The rewards are substantial as the industry will pay you more as you develop your skills and help others succeed. One of the many wonderful things about our profession is the fact that everyone starts with a clean slate and equal opportunity to grow their knowledge, create wealth, and time freedom – regardless of past experience, accomplishments, successes and failures.

Poccessing an open mind and a willingness to be coached is essential to learning the skills required to build a large organization by creating duplication within your team. As you emerge to a position of leadership within your team you must transfer what you have learned to others and teach them to do the same. Recognizing three core mindsets that exist among most everyone you enroll will help you to determine who is coach able and how to manage those who are not.