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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Marketing Lab Review: Helping You Solve Your Biggest Problem

Creating a new income generating sales funnel is not hard but it does require that you follow a formula that actually works. Today I want to share a brilliant new membership site called Marketing Lab and I believe this site can provide you with expert training and actual case studies detailing how digital entrepreneurs are making money online and building truly sustainable businesses.

One of the most common reasons why people fail to make significant income online is the result of not investing enough time leaning how to drive traffic, build a subscriber list, and convert qualified prospects into buyers. The content inside of Marketing Lab solves this problem.

Social Marketing Gifts Give Away Event Review and Bonuses

When I first came online for the purpose of making money nearly four years ago, I asked the same question that many new marketers ask… how can I start building a list? I was busy soaking up information like a sponge and most of the training I received suggested that I needed a list, that the key to success is establishing a relationship with a list, and making quality offers to my list. Sounds easy enough but how do you get started?

There are many methods you can us to begin building a list or grow an existing list and I quickly learned that ‘give away events’ are a great option worthy of consideration. Guido Nussbaum is known as one of the best promoters of Internet marketing give away events and has an impressive track record to back up his reputation. As the creator of the Give Away Manager 3 script and countless successful events, Guido always attracts hundreds of valuable gifts from many successful marketers and you can leverage this by becoming a JV Contributor.

The newest event is called ‘Social Marketing Gifts’ and you can join as a contributor here add your give away items, banners, and log in ads in order to rapidly grow your list. This is perfect for both the experienced marketer and the novice alike, as long as the items you give away have value… members will opt into your list to claim them. (Click on the title link to read the complete article and gain access to Social Marketing Gifts)

My First 60 Day Review of Dot Com Secrets

Last month I posted my first 30 day review of Dot Com Secrets X and I am happy to report that my personal results as well income from affiliate sales continues to be strong… I am very impressed with this program. Over the past few weeks I have received email inquires is from individuals interested in joining the program, but a little hesitant without getting personal attention to their questions. I am always glad to help, so just send me an email to:

Today, I wanted to share a message I received over the weekend in order to help anyone who has the same questions as addressed in the email and my reply as follows.

Email from a visitor to this blog-site:

“hi, i would like to sign up for the 30 day trial but i need to know beforehand how much other expenses will i have. i am on a VERY LIMITED budget (i’m unemployed and broke). i see you mentioned paid solo ads, how much will this cost me and is it a must for the first 30 days? i have just enough money for the trial ($1), and joining an autoresponder (about $20), what else must i pay for?

also is it possible to make enough money the first 30 days so i can continue with the membership?”

My reply to my new friend:

Thank you for contacting me regarding Dot Com Secrets X. If you join from my links that follow, I will help you with both coupon codes for the solo ads (so there will be no added expense) and the link for Aweber’s auto-responder service will provide a 30 day trial for $1 for that as well. Therefore, your total 30 day expense will be $2 for everything.

Here are the links:

Join Dot Com Secrets X ($1 Trial):

Join AWeber Auto-Responder ($1 Trial):

Be sure to clear you browser cookies to ensure that you sign-up with the correct links.
After you have joined Dot Com Secrets X, send me an email with a copy of your receipt and I will send you ‘promo codes’ and a list of Solo Ad sites that will provide you will enough mailing credits to make sales to cover future monthly installments to both Dot Com Secrets X and AWeber.

Final thoughts on Dot Com Secrets X and Start-Up Cost

Russell Brunson has done a phenomenal job building a membership site that truly takes you by the hand and step by step teaches you exactly how to make money successfully online using proven traffic that converts to sales with offers that convert. Dot Com Secrets X is not a scam and you can certainly be up and running in your first month with an investment of $2 and a few hours of your time each of your first 4 weeks.

The skills and tactics you will learn during your trial month can be applied to promoting any quality product or service online with similar results. The program is comprehensive, easy to set-up and amazingly effective.

If you would like to take advantage of the same offer I made to the person noted above, simply sign-up and send me an email and I will take care of your immediately.

Top Tier Mailer by Matthew Graves a Full Review

If you have been watching the gurus lately you are already aware that Solo ADs and Targeted Viral Mailings represent two of the three top trends in effective Internet marketing today. I have used both for years and they work… here is a brand new mailer that you have to try.

My friend Matthew Graves just launched a new viral mailer which has advanced features on the market for getting you signups and sales. The site is called Top Tier Mailer and it gives you two ways to mail members without needing credits. In addition, you can transfer your credits from Matthews other sites Web Biz Insider, Top Tier Traffic, and Splash Page Surfer into the new site… use your credits were they benefit you the most. This is a huge advantage.

In addition to buying or transferring credits you can also earn credits by reading other member’s emails sent to your in-box as well as by visiting their websites. You can then use those credits to send your emails and websites out to other members. This is valuable but not unique, there are several unique features that really take Top Tier Mailer to a new level.

I also love the fact that active members are rewarded at Top Tier Mailer though the dynamic matrix structure. Members who are the most active in reading email and clicking the enclosed links earn mailing rights. There weekly ‘Leader-board’ of members who have earned the most weekly credits. At the end of each week, the most active members earn access to email members for the following week without having to use their credits. The higher you are on the Leader-board, the more members you can email… brilliant!

>> Join Matthew’s Site Here:

** If you join with this specific link, send an email to me at and I will send you a massive package of bonuses. (Click on the Title Link to Read the Full Post)

IBO Tool Box Review of a Free Suite of Marketing Tools

IBO Toolbox mission is to provide high quality “free” platform for business owners to establish an even playing field when marketing online. The tools and social branding resources are completely free and the membership is growing rapidly. The objective of IBO Toolbox is to provide a platform for IBOs (Independent Business Owners) who are interested in streamlining their businesses online.

So far I love everything I see on this site and having a free platform where marketers who may otherwise struggle to secure the appropriate resources can secure them for free is fantastic. I do want to make one important point consistent with my past advice on auto-responders and client management systems. The establishment and maintenance of your subscriber list is the single most important asset you can maintain. I do not recommend using a free auto-responder of any type… I have heard too many horror stories about service that add future pricing, provide poor customer service, or have closed altogether without notice.

I recommend joining IBO Toolbox today and setting up your complete profile. Be sure to carefully review the site and take advantage of all the resources available to you and leverage the distribution of your content. Engage with the IBO Social Community and grow your network and make new friends.

List Surfing Re-Opens as the Ultimate Social Exchange

Darren Olander and Matt Koshko have re-opened their popular ListSurfing advertising exchange and mailer to both existing and new members. The new site has been completely integrated with an emphasis on Social Interactions and branding for the members throughout the site. What really sets List Surfing apart from the other social exchanges is the focus on the member and the members brand.

Here are a few of the social interaction features:
•Your Full Social Profile with Links to Your Social Profiles
•Highlighted Member Activity on the Site
•Site Feedback in the Surf
•Live Chat in the Surf
•Your Own Opt-In Box to Build Your List
•Social Integration in the Unique Mailing Feature
•Activity Rewards for Remaining Active

Other Key Features Include:
•Thumb Views to Select the Next Site You Want to See
•Unique Mailer Features (Doubling Your Leverage)
•Earn Mailing Credits While You Surf!
•Rewards for Remaining Active on the Site
•Featured Ad Section for Your Ad Rotator
•All New Professional Design and Navigation

I am very excited about the changes that Darren and Matt have made to what had already been a very unique exchange. I recommend joining List Surfing and taking advantage of the special offers for upgraded membership and advertising packages. The new design and site navigation will have broad appeal to both experienced exchange surfers as well as marketers who are new to the surf exchange environment. Having built-in mailing features makes this site a true value allowing you to double your results and leverage reaching a much broader audience with your promotions.

In celebration of this re-opening, I am going to be providing a special bonus package to everyone who joins using the link in this post. As you may know, I own two popular exchanges both S.W.A.T. Traffic and Boot Scootin’ Traffic are included in the bonuses along with two other bonuses for you.

Worldprofit Review After One Year of Membership Part 1: The Company

I have recently completed my first full year of membership as a Platinum Member of Worldprofit and I thought it would be a good idea to share a review of the company and my interactions with the founders Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter and George Kosch. I joined Worldprofit on May 12, 2010 and I am amazed how quickly this first year has passed and how much I have learned from the advanced “Millionaire Bootcamp” and personal mentorship from Dr. Lant.

I am going to categorize my review focusing on three core areas for consideration in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the company and my personal experiences. I will conclude this series of post with a fourth where I will with my top five proven ways to make money with Worldprofit.

The Company:

Workdprofit was founded in August 1994 placing it among the earliest established companies online. I am impressed with the consistency is the operation of the company when it comes to the mechanics of delivering the resources, products and training to it’s members. In the year that I have been a member, the products and resources within the members area have grown by approximately 30% yet the monthly membership fee has remained unchanged.

Viral Mail Profits Will Save You Time and Make You Money!

If you read my blog regularly then you already know I am a big fan of safelsit, viral mailers, and downline builders – they help me make money every month. What you may not know is that I often struggle with overwhelm, keeping up with my mailings, organizing my credits, and tracking which sites are converting and which sites are not.

I wanted to share my thoughts on Viral Mail Profits, a powerful membership site developed by Paul Kinder and Troy Wray. This is not a new program, I have been using it and recommending Viral Mail Profits for more than a year now. The next phase of the site launched last week with some major new features that make it an even more powerful tool to help you save time and make more money .

I have found Paul and Troy to be among the most innovative developers of tools and resources and simply stated, Viral Mail Profits is AWESOME!

Here are a few of the key features that have motivated me to strongly endorse this resource. I call this my list of top 5 reasons you should sign up today and start leveraging your time and maximizing the return on your efforts.

#1. Vial Mail Profits Allows You to Organize Your Safelist, Viral Mailers, and Downline Builder Accounts.

#2. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Manage Your Mailing Schedules – Never Miss Another Mailing!

#3. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Track Your Credits – Everything is in One Location.

#4. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Conduct Your Mailing From One Admin Panel – This Saves You Time.

#5. Viral Mail Profits Frees You From the Need to Log Into Multiple Sites Manually – This is Huge!

Join Free Here: Viral Mail Profits Free Offer

Mike Purvis “The Traffic Button” Site Review

Today, Mike Purvis launched another in a stellar series of sites he has created following upon his success with the List Auction, Viral Ad Store, and Traffic Zipper. This site is designed to assist anyone interested in list building to quickly get up and running using a set of free resources.

The Traffic Button website and associated set of free reports is more than a checklist of resources. Mike Purvis includes an option for you to obtain a extensive over the shoulder training video where is starts from scratch and sets up the entire system as you watch and follow his instructions.

Here is my Audio Review of The Traffic Button

Product Review: Jerry Ianucci’s Autoreponder Profit System

I am very passionate about the topic of list building. One of the primary daily activities is working on building, cultivating, converting, and nurturing my double op-in subscriber lists and there management in the autoresponder accounts that I utilize. This is a fundamental tenant of most successful Internet marketers and is the most essential single component of my business funnel.

As a rule of thumb a diligent marketer should be able to convert (earn) one dollar per subscriber per month. Do you want to make $5,000 per month? Simply build a responsive list of 5,000 people. Do you want to make $10,000 per month? Simply build a responsive list of 10,000 people … you get the idea!

There are a few “guru” worthy secrets and best practices that you must master in order to convert the one dollar per name formula and to build a responsive list in the first place. So, how can you learn how to identify and effectively implement the the tools, resources, and methods that we use to make build large responsive list? The simple answer is to follow the advice of someone who has mastered the process that I also you to achieve amazing results.

My friend Jerry Ianucci has just released a new -book and rsource website called “Autoresponder Profit System” andd it is a great free resource that will place you on a fast track to getting up and running quickly with autoresponders.

Go ahead and grab your free copy now: Autoreponder Profit System